Adelaide man hit with $250 fine for honking his car horn


An Adelaide driver has been left baffled after he was fined $250 for honking his horn.

Jimi Wimmer was issued the fine by SA Police after tooting his car horn outdoors a mate’s pizza bar at Port Adelaide.

The expiation discover awards a $253 penalty for “using a horn when not permitted to do so”.

“Now fam I’m no lawyer but that wording is a little sketchy, basically it means they can fine you whenever they need cash for weekend beers,” Wimmer mentioned on Instagram.

SA Police says the fine is legit and highway customers must be cautious of solely utilizing their horn when vital.

Using your horn to say good day or goodbye, to inform somebody you’re there or to inform them to only ‘get off the road’ is definitely towards the legislation.

Legally, your car’s horn can solely be used to warn different drivers of your place, warn animals to get off the highway or be used as a part of an anti-theft or alcohol interlock machine.

In 2019, SA Police issued greater than $5,000 in fines for unlawful use of a car’s horn.

Rules throughout the nation

  • New South Wales:
    The ‘use of a horn or warning device unnecessarily’ carries a $344 fine
  • South Australia: You’ll be fined $193, plus a Victims of Crime Levy, for ‘using horn or similar warning device’
  • Queensland: The fine for the ‘illegal use of a warning device’ begins at $66 within the sunshine state. However, it carries a most of 20 penalty items, that means drivers could possibly be charged a most of $2669.
  • Australian Capital Territory: You could possibly be fined $193 for the offence within the ACT, or as much as 20 penalty items
  • Western Australia: You’ll obtain a ‘modified penalty’ of 1 penalty unit which is presently $50 in WA.
  • Northern Territory: Under the Traffic Regulations 2007, ‘general penalties’ carry a most of 6 months in jail and/or 20 penalty items, or $2,600.
  • Tasmania: The ‘use or allowing use of a horn unnecessarily’ will price you $126

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