Ayushman Khurana says on his love story, Tahira’s heart won by feeding chocolates

Ayushman Khurana
Ayushman Khurana with Tahira

On Chocolate Day on the third day of Valentine’s Week, actor Ayushman Khurana shared a love story with himself and Tahira Kashyap. According to Ayushman, he had won Tahira’s heart by feeding him chocolate.

Friendship relationship with Tahira:

Ayushman said, If you want to know my view on love, then I would say that love is friendship. Because in the beginning, this is a degree of attraction. What follows is your friendship. This is what furthers your relationship. Tahira and I still have a friendship today, and it was through friendship that our love began. That was my first love. He already knew, but at the age of sixteen, his heart started to take a beating. Both of us were in 11th and 12th grade at the same school. In the coaching class, he used to go along. My father, who is an astrologer, had a good acquaintance with Tahira’s father, Rajan Kashyapji. One day, Tahira’s family came to us for dinner and then a special bond between me and Tahira was formed. Our love story of school time progressed to college and theater days. The two of us had been dating each other for a long time and then one day proposed for marriage. However, we were family friends, so there was no problem getting a family permit in the marriage.

Why a week to show love?

Although there is an atmosphere of Valentine’s Week these days, I think, if you get a week or a day to show love for your spouse, what a job …! For me, every day can be Valentine’s Day. Similarly, I think of Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. Every day with my parents, I want to celebrate Parents’ Day.

Sweetness like chocolates in a relationship:

This is also a secret that I won over my wife Tahira’s heart-fed chocolates. She loves brownie chocolates. I used to carry brownies for him on every date and the sweetness of our relationship with his sweetness continued to mix. Even today I feed him his favorite brownie chocolates. It also comes with my favorite Chocolate Flavor Cake for me forever.

For me Tahira is a life coach:

The guy is lucky enough to find the person he loves from the beginning, with whom you happen to be very, who understands you at every step. We both have similar interests. Both write and read. We are also connected to the theater. If you find the right person for your spouse, there is nothing better in the world. Tahira is not only my life partner but also a life coach. No matter what happens in my life, I really look up to her. Even when I was studying in college, she was very inspirational to me and is still my inspiration. Even though I am motivated professionally, it is my motivation in life. It can be said that we both learn and teach a lot from each other.

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