Battlegrounds Mobile India: Pre-registrations to start from May 18 on Google Play Store

Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India: Pre-registrations to start from May 18 2021 on Google Play Store.

So friends, what we all were eagerly waiting for, it has finally arrived!

Today we are going to talk to you about Battlegrounds mobile India Pre Registration Link  Date or just say PUBG Mobile India which has been officially confirmed Pre Registration and the game is just about to come.

There are many such questions about Battlegrounds Mobile India which have died out in front of us.

So today we will try to tell you all the things related to Battlegrounds Mobile India through this post and hope that you will get answers to all your questions.


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Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration Details

Krafton announced today that Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will start on May 18 2021.

This morning South Korean video game studio Krafton announced the date for the pre-registration of its game BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, largely considered a replacement for PUBG Mobile. 

On May 18, pre-registrations for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game will be available on the Play Store. The game hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be released as soon as the pre-register link is live. It isn’t clear when the game will be released on iOS.

This company announced in a press release that the 'specific rewards' would be available to Indian gamers only if they pre-registered the game.

How to Pre-Registration in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Before the launch of Battleground Mobile India officially in the Play Store, the company will start pre-registration, after pre-registration you will be able to download and play this game before the rest. 

South Korean company KRAFTON has said that they are going to start pre-registration soon this month to follow this step to do pre-registration. 

Step 1. Click on the link below,

Note - The link will be made available in this post when the official pre-registration is started by the company. 

Step 2. Users can pre-register by visiting Google Play Store and clicking on the “Pre-Register” button.,

Step 3. On clicking Pre-Registration, you will be able to successfully download the Early Access on the launch of the Battleground Mobile India Game. 

You will automatically receive the rewards once the game launches.

As in PUBG Mobile, all users will be able to play the game free of charge with in-app purchases.

Age restrictions, spending limits, and other game-related details confirmed in Battlegrounds Mobile India

When it comes to older audiences and teenagers, Krafton seems to be trying to address the issue of addiction.

The upcoming game's privacy policy will introduce new restrictions for players below the age of 18.

It is required that they use a phone number that belongs to their parent/guardian to sign up for the game.

What process is going to be used to verify the age and how BattlegroundsMobile India will do that is not clear.

The time limit for those under the age of 18 who are using the game is three hours.  In addition, the developer is also limiting the spending limit. The game had been said to have been used by teens for online in-app purchases. The daily in-app spending limit will now be Rs 7,000 for under-18 players.

As well, Krafton is attempting to rectify the ‘privacy’ issues, which resulted in the ban of online games in India.

Despite the fact that the company may transfer data to other countries to meet legal requirements, all personal information will be stored and processed on servers in India and Singapore.

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