Top 5 Best Caller ID Apps for Android in [September 2019]

best 5 caller id apps

Best Caller ID Apps for Android: Caller ID applications are essential for having apps these days. At any time of the day, you can expect telemarketing calls or other unwanted calls. These days, it’s really hard to share numbers online because the complaint about unwanted calls is up and Android is the best and most used mobile platforms.

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It still lacks a good caller ID. The one that comes with pre-installed is not promising as it should be. He will be able to display the name of the caller only if he is registered otherwise he will only display the reign from which the number probably belongs.

Caller ID applications work in a very simple way. They will scan their database for the previous record for that issue and show if you have any information about it. Most apps have a rich numbers database that allows them to identify the caller behind.

List of 5 Best Caller ID Apps for Android in 2019:

Truecaller: call identification & anti-spam

True Caller is the most popular application among the best caller ID applications for Android. This app comes with a smart search feature that works for all parts of the world. Thanks to its high user base, it has gathered a large database of numbers and their owners.


At the same time, it also requires feedback from users, which allows them to keep reliable details from users. Along with that, it also comes with an SMS filter that can filter SMS spam from your inbox. It requires an active internet connection in your smartphone to work.

 Showcaller: Caller ID, True Call & Call Recorder

Showcaller is a lightweight caller ID application with content prediction. Powered by a billion phone numbers and millions of users, the app is always ready to give you instant insight into unknown calls. With ShoCaller Android Caller ID, you can more easily know who called, his address, city, state, operator, etc.


Every search made by the user is stored in the application, which allows you to quickly search for phone numbers again. The Android user can access recently or frequently contacted friends with a simple tap on their photo and edit them as you wish. The ShowCaller app also has a feature for recording calls that can record a recording in HD quality. You can deactivate and activate the integrated call recorder according to your needs.

CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

CallApp is one of the oldest readers among the Best Caller ID Apps for Android. CallApp’s identification of the caller not only identifies the caller but can accurately predict whether the call is promotional or Spammy.


This application has about 100 million users worldwide, while it claims to have a database of more than one billion contact numbers around the world. It also warns you if international calls are promotional or Spammy.

It also offers call filters and blacklisting with SMS filtering.

Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Applications are effective when they can retrieve more and more information about the caller. So, here, Hiya does the work. Often referred to as the white pages app in the App Store, it has a very good database for detecting the caller.


Although this application is free, it does not contain any irritating advertising. With more than 10 million downloads from the Play Store, it is improving day by day. IT is provided with blacklisted calls and SMS filtering for better performance.

Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

It is possible to block calls and text messages from one person, one region, as well as from around the world with this Caller ID app Mr. Number. Use the app to intercept calls from private and unknown numbers by hanging up or sending calls to voicemail. You can learn more about a spam call or text by browsing the comments provided by other users.


With the Mr. Number app, the automatic caller search for all phone history numbers lets you know who to block. The clear and intuitive interface facilitates the use of the application. You can also report spam calls and text messages to warn other Android users.

Best Android applications to block spam calls and spam messages

Final Words:

In recent days, we are starting to receive tons of automated calls and marketing calls. Whether it’s a cell phone or landline, these marketing calls are boring and a waste of time. The Robocallers start calling random numbers to make sure the real human at the other end is launching the marketing calls.

Whether it’s telemarketing calls, promotions or information, they all have the same goal of invading our privacy. However, there are caller ID applications available for all smartphones to prevent these calls.

When you receive unknown calls on the Android phone, you are not sure who is going to be on the other end, callers spam and call the number by hiding the caller’s number to confirm the actual human located at the other end. You do not need to answer these automated calls and unknown spam calls. However, it is quite difficult to judge a call when it comes from a number that is not in contact with you.

Android Caller ID apps are there to help you. These caller ID applications can recognize the number and automated call and notify you based on the caller. You can now decide when you want to answer or decline a number using the Android Caller ID app.

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