In our modern world, games come in different forms of entertainment. For instance, strategy games are developed to help you showcase your tactical prowess. Puzzle games are similar to strategy games in many ways but with twitchy challenges. Shooter games are a popular genre that tests your ability to blast enemies until you defeat them.

At the moment, shooter games are at the forefront of the gaming world. And they are available in two forms namely first person and third person. First-person shooters offer immersive gaming experiences as the game gradually unfolds from your perspective. On the other hand, third-person shooters look amazing because you’ll get to see the avatars on your screen as they navigate the battlefield. Both styles have been well represented in the gaming world. Here are some of the best shooter games for a college freshman in 2022.

1. Aliens: Fireteam Elite

There’s nothing more fulfilling than striking down monsters together with your online friends. Playing this title will allow you to become a colonial marine whose key objective is to rescue survivors and investigate an outbreak on a colony in Weyland-Yutani. You’ll undertake several missions while searching for valuables to enhance your marine’s protection. The game support multiple online plays. However, you can play solo if you want. The developers have blended attractive movie visuals and the 80s combat to create a game that’s quite difficult for most people to put down.

2. Battlefield V

Battlefield V doesn’t affect the first-person shooter. However, everything in the package is amazing. This game has been developed by EA DICE. And it features a fantastic World War II scenario and fast gameplay that will keep you shooting and running for hours. It encompasses all the marks of a first-person shooter by integrating the single-player feature and fresh multiplayer gameplay. It supports more than 60 players.

3. Gamers are smart students

Call of Duty has been trending for the last couple of years now. Its focus has shifted from World War II campaigns to adventures in space and battle royale. While Call of Duty has lost its tracks from its roots, the change has led to the development of the first-person shooter series. This title has amazing single-player and multiplayer modes. As a college student, you should consider hiring a plagiarism-free essay writer to delegate writing tasks and get ample time to check out this title. It has also managed to strip away every superfluous element. However, this doesn’t mean that it lacks some cool features. One of the new features that students will enjoy is a reward-based morality system that allows you to discern innocent people from the real threats in your campaign.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is a free-to-play title. And it’s one of the best games to play in the 21st century. It has a strong FPS heritage the original Counter-Strike with Global Offensive. It is a first-person shooter. While it has started to show its age in different areas such as visual design, it still has an active community that offers amazing esports scenes. You should try out this game today.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

This is an amazing game that helped put the original Xbox on people’s radar. It transformed the first-person shooter genre for different consoles and popularized most of the functions and controls that modern games have been using for the last few years. Halo was remade in 2011 and it featured amazing graphics together with a toggle function that allows you to swap between remastered and classic visual styles. The new title boasts ultra-wide monitor support, 4k graphics, and lots of amazing features that you should expect to find in a modern game. The remastering only suffers from visual and audio issues.

6. IGI Origins

Have you ever played Project I.G.I? If you love action games, this is one of the best games that you should play. IGI Origins is a better version of Project IGI. It takes you to the Cold War of 1980. Using MI6 training and SAS, it’s all about you to prevent conflicts by undertaking covert operations in the history of the military. This is an amazing title for anyone who’s into action games.


There are a lot of games in the world today. And they exist to entertain you. Developers in the education sector have been working hard in recent years to develop the best games to test your ability to blast and crush enemies. Shooter games enable students to make effective decisions quickly, improve multitasking, enhance logic and problem solving and improve brain functions. All these benefits play a critical role when it comes to getting good grades and landing your dream job. If you want to get time to play your favorite games, you should consider seeking essay writing help online.

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