How To Block Emails on iCloud: iPhone/iPad

How to Block Unwanted Emails on iCloud

This method will guide you through the process of diverting all the emails from a specific email id to iCloud trash. You will be able to keep your inbox free from spam and unwanted emails with this method.

1. Sign in to iCloud Mail and select an email from the sender you want to block. You don’t have to open the email.

Selecting an email in iCloud Mail

2. If you need to view mailboxes, and no mailboxes display, select the right-arrow (Show Mailboxes) in the upper-left corner.

Selecting the right arrow in the upper-left corner of iCloud Mail

3. Select the gear icon (Show Actions menu) in the lower-left corner.

Selecting the Show Actions menu (gear icon) in iCloud Mail

4. Select Rules from the menu that appears.

Selecting "Rules" in the lower-left corner in iCloud Mail

5. Select Add a Rule in the upper-right portion of the pop-up box.

Selecting "Add a Rule" in iCloud Mail

6. Under If a message, select is from from the drop-down menu.

Selecting "is from" in drop-down menu under "If a message"

7. Enter the email address you want to block. If you selected an email from the sender at the beginning of this process, their email address is automatically entered.

8. Under Then, select Move to Trash.

Selecting "Move to Trash" in iCloud Mail

9. Select Done. Select Done again on the next screen.

Selecting "Done" after adding a rule in iCloud Mail

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