How to Check BSNL Balance on Mobile [Ultimate Guide]

Hey folks, How to do BSNL Balance Check Online? You can BSNL Net Balance Check in two ways – USSD code and toll-free number. In this guide Learn more about how to check bsnl net balance.

We are sharing with you all the USSD codes of BSNL “All BSNL USSD Codes”, using which you,

  • Main Balance of BSNL SIM,
  • Check BSNL Validity,
  • Check Net Balance,
  • Check Internet Data Expiry Date,
  • Check BSNL SIM Offer

This list contains all the USD codes of BSNL which will help you to use BSNL SIM.

To use the SIM of any company, it is very important to have knowledge of USSD Codes.

if we have USSD Codes then we can easily Check and activate our mobile balance, net balance, expiry date offers, and any service. Here you can BSNL 4g data balance check

How to Check BSNL Balance with BSNL App:

Another way to check the BSNL internet balance is to use the BSNL app. Below is how to check BSNL Net Pack Balance using BSNL app:

Step 1: Download the BSNL app from Google Play Store or iStore

Step 2: Open the app and log in with your account

Step 3: In the home screen of the app you can see the usage tab where it will show your data usage.

How to Check BSNL Balance with USSD Codes:

Friends below, How to Check BSNL Data Balance and we are giving you all the BSNL USSD codes of BSNL using which you can check the main balance, internet data, validity, minute balance, balance validity, 3G internet data balance of your BSNL SIM, this USSD code to BSNL SIM Will help you use.

BSNL Network Most Common Services USSD Codes

BSNL Main Balance Check USSD*123*1#
BSNL Internet Data Validity Check USSD Code*123*16#
Minute Balance Check USSD Codes*123*5#
Balance Validity GPRS Data Balance Check USSD Code*123*10#
3G Internet Data Balance Check USSD  Code*124#
GPRS/3G Data Balance Check USSD Code*112#
Balance Validity  GPRS Pack Balance*123*8#
Customer Care Number18001801503 or 1503
Bsnl Call Detail Check USSD Code*124#
Balance Validity, SMS Balance Enquiry  USSD Code*125#
Balance Validity Network USSD Code*123*5#
Balance Validity, Video Call Balance Check USSD Code*123*9#
2G Data Balance Inquiry Balance Check USSD Code SMS“DATA 2G” to 53733
Activate Bsnl DND ServiceCall on 1909

How to check BSNL Offers?

The country’s national company BSNL is currently running at a loss as it is failing to provide good service. Due to this, its customers are also shifting to other telecom companies. If you also use BSNL, then you can dial the below BSNL offer check number to know the special offer.

  • Dial 1503 for offers.
  • BSNL Balance – * 123 #
  • Your mobile number – * 222 # or * 888 # or * 1 # or * 785 # or * 555 #

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How To Check BSNL Net Balance:- [FAQ]

Q. How to check BSNL balance (main)?

You can check BSNL Main Balance by dialing * 123 * 1 #. This will show you your BSNL account balance and validity.

What is BSNL data balance inquiry number/code?

You can use * 234 # to inquire about your BSNL data balance.

How to check BSNL data balance [2G / 3G / 4G]?

To check your BSNL internet balance for 2G and 3G, you can use the same BSNL balance check no code and number given above.

What is the BSNL balance check number?

It is very easy to check the balance with the help of the USSD Code and for this, you do not need any balance or internet requirement. All you have to do is go to the dial-pad of your phone and dial the code *123#.

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