Cheap Audio Editors for Mac

A premium quality Mac editor is inevitable if you are eager to make music, prepare a ringtone or wish to record a podcast. Mac offers an amazing list of audio editors, which does not cost you anything to a certain extent. Ranging from simple to professional apps, there is a wide range of audio editors users can opt for. Read on to know more about the top five free and cheap audio editors for Mac.

#1. WavePad

A highly competent Mac audio editor available for free to users, WavePad should be on your wish list for an audio editor for Mac. It provides a lot of benefits for the users. It is one application that works on more than one file simultaneously. And what more! It allows you to process hundreds and thousands of files in a batch simultaneously. Using this app, one can do audio bookmarking seamlessly. Its text-to-speech feature, the normal range of effects followed by local manipulation of tools to boot are other key highlights of this audio editor. To know the various ways in which you can convert WAV to MP3 on Mac, click It is made available for free only for non-commercial use.

#2. Audacity

Audacity is one audio editor for Mac which most of us might have searched for on Google. It is one of the most recommended audio editors for Mac. Available for free, open-source, Audacity has a super simple and straightforward interface. It also supports various audio formats, making it an ideal application worth considering. Recording can be performed directly into the app in addition to the editing process of existing files. A user can also make use of a wide range of effects. This audio editor supports high-quality 32-bit audio also.

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#3. Avid Pro Tools

When it comes to the production of audio, Tools First is considered to be the industry standard. It is one of the best audio editors for beginner-level users. It is also available for free. However, it has a steep learning curve and complex interface, even though it is a feature-rich audio editor for Mac users. The application also comes with some limitations, including the free users having the option to save the files only to the Avid cloud servers, and only three files can be uploaded at once. Nevertheless, if you are looking for free sound editing software for recording or mixing music, then Avid Pro Tools First is an audio editor worth considering.

#4. Adobe Audition

Most of the Adobe products are often expensive, and so is Adobe Audition audio editor for Mac. However, if you are looking for the best results for your effort, then it is worth spending some amount to opt for Adobe Audition for a month. This application is a popular choice among users looking for all types of audio editing and mixing. It supports multiple file types and is a great choice for music as well as podcasts. In addition, there are several tutorials on offer by Adobe which is designed to help the users to get Adobe Audition and its functionality working seamlessly for them.

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#5. Ocenaudio

ocenaudio is the ultimate choice for users looking to opt for a budget-friendly audio editor. It is free. It is also a feature-rich cross-platform audio recorder as well as audio editor available for Mac users. It supports many audio file formats such as FLAC, WMA, and MP3, to name a few. Furthermore, it supports various types of video file formats too. It is an alternative option for users who want an audio editor other than Audacity. The interface is easily accessible and more refined as compared to Audacity. It boasts a fully-featured spectrogram and a range of effects. Similarly, large files can be edited with ease using ocenaudio.


The options for Audio Editors for Mac Catalina users do not end here. There are numerous other editors available online. One of them is PreSonus Studio One Prime which is ideal for those looking for the best free audio mixing software. Even though the interface can be complex for some users, spending some time understanding this product is worth the time spent. It also comes with built-in effects, loops, and instruments and allows users to record and edit podcasts and voiceovers. GarageBand is yet another audio editor for Mac. Though it is designed as a primary tool for making music, the app still offers basic audio editing functionalities.

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