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How To Check Your PF Balance By A Missed Call And SMS

Provident Fund
Provident Fund

Hello Guys, Welcome to our new blog, Today we tell you about how to check your PF(Provident Fund) balance by a Missed call and SMS.

If you also do a job and cut a PF (Provident Fund) from your company salary then it has become much easier to keep information about it. today we are giving you two more easy tips to know information about the deposit amount of the Provident Fund.

In addition to checking online, you can get the information of PF(Provident Fund) balance from your mobile with the help of a single SMS and missed call. Follow the steps to know how to check your PF(Provident Fund) balance.

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Check Your Own PF Balance With The Help Of SMS:

Step 1– Activate your Universal Account Number (UN) firstly. After six hours of activation, you will be able to check your PF(Provident Fund) balance.

Step 2– From your registered mobile number associated with Universal Account Number, you will have to send EPFOHO UAN on 7738299899.

Step 3– After sending the message, you will get an SMS from the EPFO. In this message, your PF(Provident Fund) balance will be written.

Step 4– If you want to send a message in any language other than English, you will have to type this kind of message, but you must type the name of the language together. For example, if you want the message in Tamil language, then you need to send EPFOHO UAN TAM to 7738299899.

Check Your Own PF Balance With The Help Of Missed Call:

Step 1– Missed calls from your registered mobile number at +911122901406.
Step 2– After giving missed call, you will get the information of PF balance through SMS.

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Provident Fund


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