How To Delete Your Textnow Account

The Textnow mobile messaging app lets users send and receive text messages through a browser on their iOS, Android, or desktop device.  

Those who find this platform annoying might want to learn how to delete their Textnow accounts.

It isn’t possible to delete your account permanently from TextNow. If you looked at their settings, you would not find a “remove account” or “delete account” option. This will mean that your data will not be completely removed from their servers.

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Delete TextNow Account on iPhone and Android Device

Step 1: Go to Textnow

How to Delete Textnow Account
Tap on Texnow

Step 2: Click on three straight lines

how to delete textnow free account

Step 3: Tap on Settings

how to delete textnow account on iphone

Step 4: Lastly, Click on the Logout button or Change the Personal information.

textnow account disabled

Delete Textnow Account Through Website

Here’s, how to remove email from the TextNow account.

Step 1: open TextNow’s official site, Click here to Log in.

textnow account disabled 2021

Step 2: Click on the Settings gear icon

How to delete textnow account permanent

Step 3: Tap Account

delete textnow account reddit

Step 4: Change your personal information and Tap on the Save button

how to deactivate textnow number

Step 5: Next, click on Security and Login

Delete Textnow Account

Step 6: Tap on log out of all devices.

How to Delete TextNow Account on PC

The account is essentially deleted, as no personal information can be retrieved.

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