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If you want to know  How to Download FM WhatsApp, this article is for you. Because in this article I will tell you in detail about how to download FM WhatsApp, so read this article completely to get all the information about FM WhatsApp.

Before downloading FM WhatsApp,  it is very important for you to know about what is FM WhatsApp. After this, I will guide you step by step that how you can download FM WhatsApp with screenshots also you need to know about the features of FM WhatsApp so that you can run this FM WhatsApp better.

What is FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is like ordinary WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp is a  MOD APK of Simple WhatsApp. But FM WhatsApp has many features as compared to ordinary WhatsApp. Such as  Hide Blue Ticks,  Hide Last Seen,  Chat Lock Feature etc. And through this Chat Lock feature your chat remains secure.

I think a question must have come in your mind like me that why this WhatsApp is named FM WhatsApp? So I give you the answer in such a way that the name of its founder i.e. developer is ” Fouad Mokdad”. So this developer took the first letter of his name to name FM WhatsApp and added WhatsApp in the last, after that the name of this WhatsApp was named FM WhatsApp.

Requirements for FM WhatsApp

Before downloading FM WhatsApp on your phone, you must read the requirements given below so that you do not face any errors while downloading.

Smartphone: You must have an Android phone in which you can download and run FM WhatsApp.

Mobile Number: You should also have a mobile number on which you can use while installing FM.

How to Download FM WhatsApp

1. Search “ FM WhatsApp Download Newsreaderweb” in Google.

2. Open the first website and download FM WhatsApp APK.

3. Now you install the APK file.

4. Enable Unknown Sources while installing the APK file.

5. Finally you turn on FM WhatsApp APK.

How to create an account on FM WhatsApp

Click on Agree and Continue

After clicking on open, two more options will appear in front of you. Here you can restore old chats by clicking on Restore. If you want me to create a new account, then for that you have to click on Agree and Continue .

Enter your number and click on Next

When you click on Agree and Continue , then a page will be shown in front of you. In this page you have to write your number and click on Next .

Enter 6 Digit OTP

The mobile number that you will give in this WhatsApp, after that 6 digit OTP will come on that number. You will have to write that 6 Digit OTP in this box and after that you will automatically come to another page.

Click on Not Now

On the page on which you will be redirected, the option to back up will come to you on that page. If I do not want to backup your chats here, then I will click on Not Now for that.

Enter your name and click on Next

Now you have to write your photo and your name in FM WhatsApp, after that you have to click on Next. And after that you can run WhatsApp with FM very easily.

Important Note : Wiki Catch team does not allow any MOD APK to be downloaded and this article is written for Educational Purpose only.

How to Update FM WhatsApp

When you download FM WhatsApp, after that you also have to update this WhatsApp. But as I told you above, this is a Mod APK of official WhatsApp, because of which you will not find FM WhatsApp on play store, so to update FM WhatsApp, you have to follow my given points so that you can download old version FM WhatsApp Be able to update

  • In the month of August of 2022, FM WhatsApp has also given the feature of update in this. But when you click on that update, after that you will be redirected to a website.
  • After redirecting to that website, you will get a link and when you click on that link, then after that you will reach another website.
  • On this page you will be shown the download link and when you see this link, after that you will have to download the new version of FM WhatsApp by clicking on this link.
  • After UPDATED FM WhatsApp you have to install it in your phone and after that you have to click on open.
  • When you will open UPDATED FM WhatsApp then you have to delete the old one FM WhatsApp. But for some user the old FM WhatsApp gets deleted automatically.

Features of FM WhatsApp

I think you will also have a wish in your mind that how many features will FM WhatsApp have compared to the official WhatsApp? So let’s know in detail about the features of this WhatsApp.

Always Online: If you turn on this feature then all your friends will see you online, whether you are online on your FM WhatsApp or not.

Lock Application: Through this feature you can keep the FM App locked and if I talk about official WhatsApp, then you will not see this feature in it yet.

Hide Last Seen: Through this feature, you can keep the Last Seen of your WhatsApp closed. Through this feature, no one will know when you have started WhatsApp. But I think this question must have come in your mind that this feature is also there in the official WhatsApp, so what are these new features in it? Let me tell you that when you keep Last Seen off in official WhatsApp, then you cannot see anyone’s last seen. But if I talk about FM WhatsApp, then in this WhatsApp you can turn off your last seen and see anyone’s last seen.

Media Sharing: The feature of media sharing in FM WhatsApp is very good. Because in this WhatsApp you can send photos up to 700MB in one go. But if I talk about official WhatsApp, then you can send only 30 photos in a day in it.

Hide Blue Ticks: This feature can also be of great benefit to you. Because through this feature you can hide blue ticks. That is, if a friend of yours messages you, then even if you read that message, then your friend will not be able to show blue ticks in his WhatsApp and he will feel that he has read my message yet.

Anti-Delete Message: With the help of this feature, you can easily read the messages of the person who messaged you and delete your messages for everyone immediately. If I explain in easy language, then if someone messages you and that person deletes that message immediately, then you cannot read that message in official WhatsApp. But after enabling Anti-Delete Message in FM WhatsApp, you can also read those deleted messages.

No Need to Save Number: If I talk about official WhatsApp, then you have to first save the number in official WhatsApp and only then you can message on that number. But in FM WhatsApp you can message without saving the number.

Off Internet: Through this feature you can keep the internet off of your FM WhatsApp and if I talk about other apps, then you can run them easily and there will be no effect on them. Apart from this, if someone messages you, then that person will feel that it is currently offline i.e. its internet is still closed. That’s why if you use FM WhatsApp, then you must use this feature.

Unlimited Themes: If you want to make your WhatsApp very beautiful then you can try different themes in your WhatsApp. 

Hide Seen status: If you turn on this feature then you can see the status of anyone. But that person will not see whether he has seen my status or not.

Apart from all these features this fm whatsapp has many more features. These were some of the features that you needed to know.

What’s new in FM WhatsApp Apk 2022-2023

You are going to see many new things inside FM WhatsApp APK 2021. Now you must be thinking that after all, what will you get inside this new application, then friends, let’s understand it below.

  • Within the anti-sanctions system, much more improvements have been made than before.
  • Errors encountered in the application have been rectified.
  • You can pink up to 100 chats in this.
  • In the new update of 2021, easy interface has been provided to the user.
  • Crashes and boxes inside it have also been fixed.
  • New launcher icons have been provided inside it.
  • The camera can be opened very easily without any error.
  • Inside it, you are going to see many more new themes than before.
  • Keeping in mind all kinds of customized features inside it, they have been added to it.
  • There has also been a lot of improvement in its anti-ben system, which has become even better than before.

Alternative app for FM WhatsApp

Let us tell you that just as the alternative of WhatsApp is FM WhatsApp, in the same way there are many alternative apps of FM WhatsApp and some of them are as follows below.

  • WhatsApp Go
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • Yo WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Aero
  • OGWhatsApp
  • GB WhatsApp

Advantages of FM WhatsApp

There are many benefits of FM WhatsApp and some of them are listed below as follows:

  • If you send a message to someone by mistake or on any other WhatsApp FM, then you can also delete it immediately. 
  • Inside it you will find thousands of themes and you can use any theme from it and you can also customize it.
  • Its privacy setting can be customized as per your convenience.
  • Simultaneously, about 10 images can be sent to the front.
  • Using this application, you can freeze the last seen of your WhatsApp FM and not only that, you also get the facility to hide your online status and typing status within it.
  • If you want that no message will come on your own WhatsApp during internet usage then you can use its Do Not Disturb feature and during its use you will not get any type of FM message on WhatsApp.
  • Through FM WhatsApp, you can send a file of about 700 MB at a time.

Disadvantages of FM WhatsApp

As we all know that everything has many advantages and there are some disadvantages as well, so FM WhatsApp also has some disadvantages such as:

  • When we install FM WhatsApp, we have to allow all permissions while installing it. In simple words, after allowing this permission, our information can also be shared with any third party.
  • If we chat with anyone, then that data can also be shared with any third party. Because FM WhatsApp does  not encrypt end to end like normal WhatsApp  .
  • As we all know FM WhatsApp is a Modified APK of a simple WhatsApp, that’s why we don’t get it in Play Store. Because FM WhatsApp does not follow any privacy policy, so we do not find it on play store and also does not have any official website.


If you need any more information about FM WhatsApp Download Kaise Kare , then you can use the comment box given below and I recommend you to download and run Official WhatsApp from Play Store only.

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