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mobdro app
mobdro app

In this article, you can able to Download MobDro App For Android Latest Version and stream their favorite premium channels for free in their application.

Tired of using the outdated video streaming application that absorbs performance, interface, navigation and other features? Here we have the new and fresh application capable of delivering high definition video quality content from the web.

Currently, Mobdro has millions of active users online, allowing the user to stream all of their favorite premium channels for free in their application. Can’t wait to watch your favorite channels? Then download the latest version of Mobdro for Android. What are you waiting for?

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Are you an existing Mobdro user? You must then update your application on your Android device to correct the oldest errors. You can update Mobdro to its latest version from your own application or you can download the latest version of it by browsing the Mobdro website.

mobdro app
mobdro app

Mobdro App v2.1.24 Information

The latest public version of Mobdro is version 2.1.24, below we give you more information about this app:

First name Mobdro APP
Package name
Languages Spanish, English and 42 more
License Free
Average opinion 4,5 / 5
Current version 2.1.24
Size 19.3MB
Android version Android 4.2+
Last update January 7, 2019
downloads Between 5 and 25 million



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Installation Process Of Mobdro App

If you want to download Mobdro, you will first have to configure your device in order to download applications from outside the Google Play store although the process is really simple.

Enable Unknown Sources Option

First go to Settings >> Security , and then make sure the Unknown sources option is checked . Click OK when a security warning appears, then you can download the Mobdro application from the following button:
Once you have downloaded the APK, your tablet or smartphone will ask if you want to install Mobdro for Android, then click Next and then Install .

Install Mobdro App on Android Device

Once you have downloaded the Mobdro application the device will proceed with its installation . The process only takes about five minutes on Android and once it has been installed you can open the application or in fact it will open automatically.

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In the installation process of the Mobdro apk APK you may be asked for some access permissions. You must give Ok until the installation is finished, in addition to making sure you have enough space or memory to get the application without problem.

Mobdro installation process
Mobdro installation process

Once you have installed (download) Mobdro you could start using it although it is better than before you configure it to work without problems and you can see any desired channel or content

mobdro app user interface
mobdro app user interface

Set up Mobdro on an Android Device

Once you have installed the Mobdro APK on your mobile or tablet you must access the settings and preferences panel where you can choose the language as we have already mentioned since in fact, when choosing Spanish, you will see that the channels that retransmit are listed in this language or those from Spain, so it is a very important step in the Mobdro configuration.

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In fact, if you want to be able to watch some special streaming content, such as foreign series or maybe a football match that you don’t find among the channels that are listed, enter Preferences >> Language and in addition to Spanish you select English or any other you know which could be the one that emits the desired content.

You give Accept and you go to the section of the channels that you want to see, for example Sports, you will then verify that in addition to the Spaniards they appear foreigners, so that you can already find the desired content in an easy, free way and without hardly any effort.

Mobdro is an easy-to-use streaming application with many channels and content to enjoy from your mobile device or TV.

How to update the Mobdro APK

You haven’t updated or downloaded Mobdro on your device for a long time? Then, you should be seriously experiencing problems while watching or streaming videos in your application.

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If you are already using the Mobdro application , start the application and enter the menu About >> Updates.

Once you click on this option, check if there is an update available . If you find any, you will reach the update page of the new version. Follow the instructions on that page and proceed. Finally, you will end up installing the update of that app correctly. As simple as that.

Optimize settings

Regardless of the device you are using, you must optimize it so that the visualization is perfect, we recommend:

  1. Enable hardware decoding: Use hardware accelerated video decoding.
  2. Select languages: Mobdro app will only show streaming and channels that match the selected languages.
  3. Sort alphabetically : Enable alphabet sorting.
  4. Parental filter: Mobdro will limit access to age-inappropriate content.
  5. Clear search history: Clear previous Mobdro Spanish searches so that they do not appear in the search box.
  6. Never remember history : Never store Mobdro’s search history.

The best channels to watch in Mobdro

These are the themes that you can access once you have configured Mobdro correctly:

  • News
  • Shows
  • Films
  • sports
  • Music
  • Gambling
  • Animals
  • Technology
  • Podcasts
  • Spiritual and others
    mobdro app categories and details
    mobdro app categories and details

When you try to access any of these categories, you will find hundreds of popular television channels below them.

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How to stream movies or TV shows?

On the Mobdro home screen go down to the categories of movies or shows and select one of them. There you will find a lot of television programs available for transmission . Search for your favorite shows and watch them instantly.

Similarly, you can watch movies in Mobdro by browsing to Movies (in the category list) and stream your favorite movies from the list. That easy!

How to search your favorite shows easily?

Can’t find what you want in the app? Is it difficult to scroll down and search for your favorite shows? You have the search field in the upper right corner of the application. Simply click on the Search icon and type the name of the program you are looking for. In a moment, the search results will be displayed on the screen if available.

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How to watch live TV shows?

Method 1: Fortunately, all Live Shows are shown directly on the Mobdro home screen next to the Recently Viewed videos.

Method 2: If not, navigate to Menu> Live to see a list of programs available online now. From here, you can find your favorite programs live or not using the search field function.

How to watch videos from channels in specific languages?

Method 1: Enter Menu> Settings> Select languages. Select the language you need and Mobdro will automatically put the sequences that match the selected languages. As simple as that.

Wrapping UP

Here is all about the most attractive android application called “How To Download MobDro App For Android Latest Version – 2019”. This is one of the best source for watching online TV on android devices.

If you had any question guys about this article then feel free to make some question and ask, I am always happy to give you solutions about tech which i already know. Let’s Meet up in next features-tic article.

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