PUBG Mobile Beta 1.7 APK

It’s now possible to download PUBG Mobile 1.7 APK for Android. It’s available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Before releasing a new update, the PUBG Mobile developers run a beta test for the players to check all the new features before including them in the game. 

Users can now download the much-awaited PUBG Mobile 1.7 APK and indulge in new content.

Tencent is finally testing this upcoming PUBG MOBILE 1.7 latest release for November 2021. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the new features much earlier than everyone else. The upcoming update will bring the famous piggyback feature, or carry function, which is available on PC and console versions of the game. Additionally, some weapons will be balanced with this update.

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download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.7 APK
download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.7 APK

PUBG MOBILE 1.7 New Apk Download will offer special prizes to those who provide testing and feedback to the developers. Additionally, game streamers and content creators will have access to new features that will enhance their experience of playing on live servers. PUBG MOBILE 1.7 should be released in mid-November 2021.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 New Features

In addition to the usual content updates, the developers will introduce a fantastic array of new features. At this point, only one new feature has been revealed, along with some changes to weapon balance. Updates to this beta version will bring new features in the coming days!

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.7 APK
PUBG Mobile Beta 1.7 APK
  • Carry Function: You can piggyback on the back of a teammate or enemy who has been knocked down, as well as be revived or destroyed.
  • Firearm Balancing: We have rebalanced the Marksman Rifles, and we have reduced the single round weight from 0.7 to 0.6.
  • Weapon Changes: In addition to the SLR, SKS, Mini14, VSS, and DP28, you may also adjust them.

 For PUBG Mobile, the developers conduct a beta test prior to releasing a new update to ensure that all the new features are working properly. Since the PUBG MOBILE 1.7 BETA release is now available, players can download it and see what’s new.

More interestingly, this time there is no need for an invite or binding code, which means all users who download the Apk can enjoy the new features.

Important Note: PUBG Mobile is Banned in India. Hence, country users should avoid downloading the Beta Apk and play BGMI instead.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.7 APK +OBB (Global) 2021

We’re sure you’re wondering how you can download PUBG Mobile 1.7 APK+OBB now that you’ve read all these new features. It’s easy to do — just download the APK on your Android device and install the game. It will take about 585 MB and 664 MB, respectively, to download.

Below are the links where you can get PUBG Mobile 1.7 APK+OBB for Android 32-bit and 64-bit devices:

PUBG 1.7 Beta APK 32Bit

PUBG 1.7 Beta APK 64Bit

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 – The user has to download the required version on his Android device through the link given above.

Step 2 – Thereafter, once the required APK is downloaded on their device, they can proceed with the installation function.

Step 3 – After the process is over, gamers can refresh the beta version of PUBG Mobile and then choose between two resource packs – Low-spec and HD. (Low-spec resource pack: 205.6MB, HD resource pack: 368.8MB)

Step 4 – Once the required resource pack is downloaded, they can log in through the guest account and try out the 1.7 beta of the game.

Download PUBG 1.7 Beta (iOS) for iPhone and iPad 2021

If you feel left out by the iOS users, you need not worry, because this time you can also take part in this latest PUBGM 1.7 Beta. The upcoming new features will be available for testing on iPhone and iPad devices. From your iOS device, click the following link to access the download page:

PUBG 1.7 Beta for iOS

Bottom Line:

Here’s how to download and install PUBG Mobile Beta 1.7 APK on Android and iOs devices. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any concerns or questions.

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