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Download Thop Tv: Today the appearance of the TV has changed and the smartphone that has been in our hands has become the TV, but like all the TV, all kinds of live channels have to be recharged and to avoid that many people download Thop TV.

We often use the Google Play Store to download apps on our smartphones, but Thop TV does not get you to download in the Google Play Store, which is why you have to find the Thop TV Download option from Google.

Although not everyone watches live television on mobile but when there are tournaments like cricket matches like World Cup, IPL, most live cricket matches are seen in mobile for which Thop TV is downloaded.

Therefore, we are going to provide you information about what is Thop TV and how to download Thop TV as well as how to watch live cricket matches on it, so read the article till the end.

Thop TV is a platform with the help of which you can watch all types of videos, movies, TV shows, live news sports etc. live online and this application can be used for both mobile and computer .

Thop TV is a free platform with the help of which you can watch almost all the TV channels around the world live for free and as the tournaments like World Cup, IPL are held, the number of Thop TV downloads increases exponentially.

Because you have to buy a subscription to watch live cricket matches but with the help of Thop TV you can watch live cricket matches and many TV channels for free without buying any subscription.

App NameThop tv Apk
Size18 MB
DeveloperThopster Athens
Downloads 5,623,566+

Thop TV not only shows you live TV channels from different countries but it also provides videos of popular OTP platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji, etc. for free, for which no membership of any kind is taken. It falls.

That is why Thop TV is becoming so popular on the Internet where you have to spend money to watch another live TV channel, while this app provides almost all live TV channels for free, so Thop Tv is downloaded.

How to Download Thop TV 

You do not get to download Thop Tv in Google Play Store because it is not according to Google’s policy, so you have to do Thop Tv Download through any other medium about which we are going to tell you step by step below. .

Step-1 First of all open the Chrome browser on your mobile and search by typing “Thop Tv Download” on Google .

Step-2 Now many websites will come in front of you, you have to click on the first or second website.

Step-3 Now you can easily download Thop Tv and install it and take a look at it.

Note: – Since Thop TV is not according to Google’s policy, it is not available on Google Play Store and Google Play Store is considered to be the safest way to download the app, so say about whether it is completely safe or not. Its difficult.

Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense and we completely oppose any such website or application, this information is only for informing you about Apps.

How to Install Thop TV

When you download any app from Google Play Store, it is automatically installed in your mobile, for that you do not need to give any different settings or permissions.

But if you download an app through any means other than Google, then you have to enable permissions and a setting separately, only then you are able to download that app in your mobile if you have downloaded Thop Tv. You get to know about how to install and install TV.

Step-1 Thop Tv After downloading, click on the APK to know it in the download manager.

Step-2 As soon as you click, then the option to install will come, click on the install button.

Step-3 Now a setting of your phone opens, here you have to enable the option of Unknown Source, after which you will be able to install this app.

Step-4 Enabling this setting, your TV will start downloading after which you can run this app.

How to watch live matches on Thop Tv

Although Thop Tv is used to watch live TV, but as soon as the World Cup, IPL or India’s cricket match is organized, the number of people downloading Thop TV in India increases.

Because today most people watch live cricket matches on their mobiles and have to pay on other platforms to watch live cricket matches, whereas with the help of Thop TV you can watch live cricket matches for free, so let’s know.

Step-1 Open your Thop Tv App first.

Step-2 As soon as you open the TV, you get to see a lot of live TV shows on the home screen in front of you, where you also see the screen of the live cricket match.

Step-3 As soon as you click on the screen of the live cricket match, then the live cricket match starts appearing.

What are the features of thop tv

1. The user interface of Thop TV is very easy due to which it becomes very easy to use this app by the user.

2. In Thop TV you get to watch more than 3000 TV channels.

3. In Thop TV you also get more than 5000 radio channels.

4. Using Thop TV, you can easily watch live cricket matches like IPL, World Cup or any kind of cricket match.

5. On Thop TV you get more than 3000 live channels, so here you get to see almost all types of web series as well.

6. In Thop TV, you can also download any movie, web series, episode, TV show etc.

7. If you are watching English program on Thop TV, then its subtitled facility is also provided.

8. Thop TV is completely free for which you do not have to spend any kind of subscription or money.

9. In Thop TV you get chat support, with the help of which you can tell your suggestions and problems etc.

10. Thop TV is a 17 MB app that you can easily download to any mobile.

11. Very few advertisements are seen in Thop TV.

12. With the help of Thop TV, you can also watch shows, web series and movies of OTV platforms like Netflix, Hot Star.

Final Thought

So friends, we have told you step by step what is Thop TV and how to download Thop TV and after reading this article, you will be able to easily download Thop TV now.So friends, if you like this article of ours, then share it with your friends who are looking for a free option to watch live cricket matches so that they can also help.


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