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Elyse Slaine & Leah McSweeney Slam Ramona Singer’s Daughter Avery

Elyse Slaine & Leah McSweeney Slam Ramona Singer’s Daughter Avery

real housewives of new york city

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The Real Housewives of New York City

In an Instagram stay following the July 2, 2020 episode of The  Real Housewives of New York, castmembers  Leah McSweeney and Elyse Slaine went in on fellow castmate Ramona Singer’s daughter, Avery Singer. Singer’s daughter, who not often seems on the present, made a cameo throughout Singer’s self-recorded interview. Singer’s daughter made a remark as Singer was talking negatively about her buddy, Elyse Slaine.

On the Instagram stay, Slaine revealed, “I have to say, I’m completely super disappointed. I’ve known Avery since she was a little girl, and my whole family has treated Ramona and Avery like family, in fact. You know, my husband coached her during job interviews and did mock interviews with her. He mentored her and then made the phone call to his friend to…that’s the reason why Avery got this job, where she is now. I’m definitely upset about it, I don’t know why Avery would react that way.”

After Slaine mentioned that, McSweeney requested, “Did Ramona ever thank you for getting Avery a job?”

In response, Slaine requested her husband, Reinhold Gebert for the reply. “Reinhold says no, he was never thanked.” mentioned Slaine.

“I’ve always been fond of her, I guess she’s sort of just defending her mom,” Slaine added throughout the Live.

Slaine and Ramona Singer Are Not Currently Speaking

In May 2020, Singer slammed Slaine in an interview with People Now, saying that Slaine “doesn’t bring anything to the mix,” and that she “doesn’t fit in” with the remainder of the forged. After these feedback had been made, Slaine took to her Instagram tales to indicate screenshots of previous textual content messages with Singer by which Singer had written, “the show needs you lol,” and “they love you.”

“Ramona and I did have a falling out midseason,” Slaine shared in a June 2020 interview with News Reader Web, “We have not spoken. We have mutual friends who are trying to get the two of us to sit down and have a talk. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of that happening because we are in the same friend group, and we did have a nice friendship before our falling out. I honestly don’t know what the falling out was about. I guess she had second thoughts about having me on the show but I never understood what the issue was because I felt like I consistently had her back on the show, so I don’t know why she started having second thoughts about it.”

McSweeney and Avery Singer Have Feuded Before

This isn’t the primary time that McSweeney has feuded with the Singer’s on social media earlier than. In May 2020, McSweeney and Avery Singer feuded on Instagram. According to Us Weekly, throughout the May 28, 2020 episode of RHONY, Avery Singer recorded clips of McSweeney stumbling in Rhode Island and shared them on her Instagram tales. In one clip, Avery mentioned to mother Ramona, “This is nuts. I’m embarrassed for you. These people are crazy. How are you associated with them?”

Following Avery Singer’s feedback, McSweeney posted a string of Instagram tales in response, writing: “@ramonasinger are you sure you want to involve @averysinger in our drama? She’s 25 so she’s fair game to me. In fact I’m closer to age to her than I am to you.”

In one other Instagram story, McSweeney instructed Avery Singer to “sit down sweetie.”

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