Erika Buenfil shares an unpublished photograph of her pregnancy


The Mexican actress continues to gain the recognition of her followers on social networks and although she is usually reserved with her private life, she decided to open the trunk of memories to show a couple of photographs of her youth.

In the images of the past that she shared within her official Instagram account, the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, boasted the slender silhouette with which she conquered the hearts of her fans at the beginning of her career. Posing with her back to the camera, wearing jeans and high boots, was how her beauty stood out.

While in another image 15 years ago, she showed how she looked in the last weeks of pregnancy, since, posing next to her son’s crib, Nicolás remembered one of the happiest stages of her life.

“ Of those photos that I never published. The sweet wait for my Nic, “wrote the television star in the publication that exceeded 110 thousand red hearts.

Let’s remember that a few months ago, the protagonist of ‘Amores Verdaderos’ shared the painful moment she lived during the eighth month of pregnancy, when she learned that the father of her child, Ernesto Cedillo Jr. had just gotten married.

“ I was at home eight months pregnant, it was January and then I remember hearing a lot of scandal and I peek out slowly to see what they were talking about. My sister-in-law arrives and I hear them say ‘don’t show it to her, don’t tell her anything, don’t show it to her’. The wedding and the photo and everything had been on the cover of a magazine and they didn’t want me to see it. Low and everyone in silence. I had a driver in Monterrey, and I told him to take me to a convenience store to buy the magazine that they didn’t want to show me and I saw it. It’s horrible, “said the artist during an interview with Aurora Valle .


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