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Fix Error 3194 from iTunes During iPhone Restore

Fix error code 3194
How to fix iTunes 3194 error?

How To Fix iTunes 3194 Error – Fix iPhone Error? First, if we’re talking about upgrading or restoring your iPhone or any other iOS device, the task is simple. But, every time, it sounds like an adventurous tour. In some cases, you may be able to cope with the iTunes 3194 error while upgrading or restoring the iOS device. Once you have this error, you will feel stuck.

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Basically, we use to upgrade or restore the iOS device using the Macbook or any other PC / laptop with iTunes software. So we did not find the quickest and fastest way to solve this problem. Do not worry, here’s everything you need to know. However, if you want to put music on the iPod with iTunes, you can also do it.

How To Fix iTunes 3194 Error – Fix iPhone Error?

In fact, in this part of the article, I shared the top four by which one can solve iTunes 3194 error problems in a minute. Typically, this error is due to the fact that iTunes can not connect to Apple’s software-update servers.

Moreover, this server is responsible for activating the iOS device at the end of the restoration or upgrade. However, Apple says it is possible that the device that receives this error means that it was triggered by a jailbreak. That’s why the apple does not support it anymore. All right, let’s go-to solutions.

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Method 1: Update the iTunes version

Sometimes we try to use advanced features using outdated software, which causes an error. This is exactly what happens with the iTunes 3194. So, if you restore your iPhone or iPad, I recommend that you check the update of the iTunes application. However, this will reduce the risk of being delayed when you try to use this feature with iTunes.

Method 2: Edit the host files

Another method on How to Fix iTunes 3194 Error – Fix iPhone Error ?, This method is very complicated, so if you are not a computer geek.

Then you can take help from someone else to help you follow the method to solve your problem. What we are going to do is that you are going to modify the Internet hosts files correctly, because you may have done something wrong. So follow the guide and do it very carefully.

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  • On your Macbook, open the terminal and enter this code. 
    sudo nano / private / etc / hosts
  • Now click on Back.
  • Then enter your Macbook login information, if requested.
  • After that, search for the entry of
  • Once you have it, add # and add space at the beginning of the line.
  • That’s all. Save the file, close the terminal, and restart your Macbook.

Method 3: Use another PC / Laptop

How To Fix iTunes 3194 Error – Fix iPhone Error? Your PC or laptop may be damaged. That’s why it forces iTunes to display the iTunes 3194. Maybe your PC / laptop has been infected with viruses or maybe it has a camcorder problem that is not working properly. In this case, you can ask someone to let you use their PC / laptop to restore your Apple device. You can ask your friends or family to let them lend you the PC / laptop for a while.

Method 4: Visit the Apple Store

How To Fix iTunes 3194 Error – Fix iPhone Error? If you have tried everything and you still have not found a solution to the problem of iTunes 3194 error. Then, I would say that you should try to present your problem to the experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Apple Store. You can make an appointment and fix the date of your appointment so that your problem is solved. To get an appointment, visit and make an appointment for you.

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Everything was about how to fix iTunes 3194 error – fix iPhone error ?. There may be more methods available to solve this problem. But if you do not find any solution that can solve the problem, then you must take the call of the fourth method listed here. If you need to know the method to authorize a computer on iTunes, you are there. Instead, if you want to know how you can cancel a computer’s authorization on iTunes, read it.

If you know someone with the same problem, be sure to share this article with that person. In such a way that it helps to solve the same problem that you have been solved right now.

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