Eugenia Suárez asks her fans for help after being the victim of a robbery, who suffered the assault with her children


The Argentine actress was with her three children when she got this scare when she got off an elevator

Actress Eugenia Suárez – also known as China Suárez – has resorted to her Instagram Stories this Friday shortly after being the victim of a robbery in a shopping center in Santiago de Chile while she was alone with her three young children. In the video that she has shared, she explains what happened calmly, although she admits that she is still very nervous, to ask anyone who finds any of the identity documents that were stolen from her along with the wallet to please try to get in touch with her.

She has also wanted to share her story in the hope that other people are not victims of the same maneuver that the thieves used on her. As she has revealed, she was in an elevator and, when the doors opened, two other people entered without a mask, a young girl and a man, but the latter said that someone had to get off for security reasons.

“She got out and pushed me, so I got distracted, but I found the push weird going with three children and in the middle of a pandemic. I noticed and she had stolen my wallet ”, the interpreter has revealed. “I screamed and the security people appeared, but within minutes, because if there had been someone there they probably would have grabbed her. There are security cameras, so I hope they find this couple who are stealing. ”

His initial intention was for those responsible for that surface to give him the images recorded by a security camera, and so she claimed it through Instagram, but finally they have informed him that it is not possible to make this material public until the decision is made by the prosecution

“I was with my three children alone and obviously they saw the possibility there. You have to be a very bad person to steal from someone with a baby hanging on the chest and two more daughters ”, she lamented, who is in Chile to accompany her partner, the actor Benjamin Vicuña, while she shoots a new project.

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