FAU-G Game Release Date in India

FAU-G Game Release Date in India: Friends, as soon as PUBG is banned in India, the FAU-G game has arrived in India. FAU-G the game is also an Action Battle game like PUBG. How to download FAU-G Game for Android.

Friends, as you know, the Government of India has stopped 120 Chinese Apps, including PUBG, just a few days ago. The Government of India’s closure of the public sector is the second-largest step after Tik-Tok. We Indians appreciate this move.

But after PUBG is banned, another game is coming called FAU-G. It is also an online game. So let’s know about What is FAU-G.

What is FAUG –

FAUG’s full name is FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS . It is a complete online game. With this, 20% of FAU-G will go to Bharat Ke Veer.

Friends, you can also play this game  with your friends like PUBG . It is going to run like a full platform. We will give you complete information about it in the next few days.

We will tell you very soon about what you are going to get in this game.

Bollywood super star Akshay kumar has given information about this game by tweeting through his twitter and he has also shared an original photo of this game in his tweet, which you can see below, Akshay Kumar says that this pun form Is an Indian game designed for citizens of India

Akshay Kumar is also a big contributor in this game, Akshay Kumar is making this one with the company so that the people of the country play the game made in their own country so that the money of the country does not go out in the country.

And Entrepreneur Vishal Gondal has announced the FAU-G mobile game.

What do you think is FAUG in the coming few hours? When will FAUG arrive? FAU-G Release Date in India, FAUG india launch date? How to download FAU-G? Will tell about all these.

Fau-G Game Release Date in India | FAU-G Game Launch Date in India

No date has been announced by the company for the launch date of nCore-produced Fau-G (Fearless & United Guards) game, but it is speculated that this Indian Pubg Game could be launched in India by the end of October. .

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FAUG Game Feature

FAU-G will be a game made in India, so you can see all the map missions in it on the basis of the Indian Army, in this you have a mission like Punga game and can be different which you can play very easily. 

1. FAU-G is an Indian game in which you will get to see like the selector of the Indian Army. You will get the feeling of Indian Army in this game.

2. This is like a pubg Battle ground game where you will be able to play with your friends in a lobby.

3. In this game you will get to see missions like pubg, but this mission will be different from pubg, it will be base on the army of our country.

4. In this game you will get a map but the map of this game will be from the army area of ​​your country.

5. This game will be completely online, you can play it by connecting with your friends.

Who is the FAU-G Game Developer?

Friends, a lot of people do not know that this is a military game . Let’s talk about this, which company of India is making this game, then let me tell you that a Gaming company named nCore located in Banglore, India. Who is developing this game, the company is making it completely online game, which you can play online by connecting with your friends.

In this game you will get missions like the mission of the Indian Army, which you can complete by playing as a pubg, but it will be quite different from Pung, this interface will be a bit like pubg but its mission will be completely different from Pung. Now let us tell you about the Fog Game feature in Hindi.

How to download a FAU-G Game –

You can’t download FAU-G game right now because the FAU-G game is not available on the Play Store yet. It may still take time to launch this game. You will need to wait a bit to download this game.

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