Cydia Impactor won’t Recognize my iPhone-min

Cydia Impactor won’t Recognize iPhone: Only iOS devices are allowed to install official apps. Therefore, users of the iOS platform are disadvantageous to access the unofficial apps.

Installing third-party apps on iOS devices is easy with numerous tools available. A good example of this type of tool is Cydia Impactor. It allows you to unlock third-party applications while jailbreaking a device.

You may be wondering what’s the reason behind the error message if you came across it while connecting your iPhone to Cydia Impactor. There are a number of reasons why the Cydia impactor may not recognize your iPhone.

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Why Cydia impactor won’t recognize your iPhone/iPad?

First, we need to understand the reasons why cydia impactor not working, and then we can start fixing the issue. The error could be caused by a variety of reasons. These include:

  • iTunes is out of date
  •  iPhone/iPad is not connected properly to the computer.
  • The current version of Cydia Impactor is outdated.
  • Your USB cable is faulty.

How to fix “Cydia Impactor not recognizing iPhone” Error

Having determined the cause of your error, here is a guide to fix cydia impactor does not detect iphone error. There are dozens of ways to fix the problem, you just need to try one at a time.

Method 1: Update iTunes on PC

In order to fix the error, you must install the latest version of iTunes. You can also encounter this error if iTunes is not installed or if it is outdated.

Here’s an easy way to update iTunes on PC.

  • Open iTunes on PC
  • Then, open the Help menu
  • Click Check for Updates.

then, Once you have restarted your computer, connect your iPhone to the PC again and check that Cydia Impactor is running smoothly again.

Method 2: Update Cydia Impactor

Whenever you use an outdated Cydia Impactor, the error is most likely to appear. Make sure you are running the latest version of Cydia Impactor. Here’s how to update Cydia Impactor.

  • First, you need to open the Cydia Impactor
Cydia Impactor won’t recognize my iPhone
Open Cydia impactor on your PC
  • then, Click on the Impactor
cydia impactor no device found
Click on Impactor
  • Click on Check for the update. An available update will be downloaded.
cydia impactor not finding device
Click on check for an update
  • Click on Install to finish the update.
cydia impactor not recognizing iphone
Updating start

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Method 3: Use a different USB cable

It is recommended to try a new USB cable so you can confirm the problem is with the cable used. If it works, then continue to use it in order to prevent the error.

cydia impactor does not see iphone
use different USB cable-min

if the new cable doesn’t work That means that the problem is not with the USB cable. It’s a good idea to try the next method fix.

Method 4: Connect using a different USB port

Sometimes, the issue is related to the USB port. In such cases, you should try connecting to another USB port to see if that fixes the issue.

cydia impactor won't find my device
Different Use USB port

Disconnect any peripheral devices except the mouse and keyboard from the computer temporarily.

Method 5: Try using another computer

Change the computer if all the above do not seem to work for you. If you are using a laptop, try switching to a PC if you have one.

Wrapping up…

It may be possible to resolve the Cydia impactor won’t recognize iPhone error with the following solutions. You might find one of these helpful in solving the problem. Feel free to share your thoughts or any questions in our comments section.

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