How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

HBO Max has seen rapid growth, thanks to both current and upcoming releases.

Considering this situation, many of WB’s recent movies will be aired on HBO Max starting this year. As a result, HBO max receives a large number of users daily. Many Samsung smart tv owners, however, are complaining about HBO Max not working today properly. 

There are many Samsung smart TV users who are getting unsupported versions. The Samsung smart TV could not use and update HBO max due to the error. It is possible that the HBO max app may not function properly due to a temporary glitch or an outdated version. 

In the section below, you will see a few steps to follow to fix HBO Max not working on your Samsung smart TV.

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How do I Fix HBO max not working on my Samsung Smart TV?

For Samsung smart TVs, there are two ways to reset the device without deleting any data or settings. 

Two methods are available: cold booting and hard resetting. Most Samsung TV owners will be able to fix HBO max not working with these two methods. Nevertheless, before trying these steps be sure to check the downdetector and if HBO max is down. Whenever HBO max is unavailable, you need to wait a short while until the issue resolves itself. Also, check our guide on HBO Max Buffering Issues

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In all other cases, you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Cold boot Samsung TV

Keep holding the power button on your Samsung TV remote for five to ten seconds. Afterward, your TV will restart, and you can launch the HBO Max app to check if you can watch or not. 

2. Hard Reset Samsung smart tv

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Disconnect your smart tv and router from the power source.
  2. Now, wait for five to ten minutes.
  3. First, make sure your router is turned on completely.
  4. You can now turn on your smart TV.
  5. Connect your Samsung TV to the internet via WiFi.

Try launching HBO max again and see if there are any issues with it.

Make sure your internet connection is working. Check if the internet connection works properly or not with other apps like YouTube. Also, test your connection speeds at, as streaming content from HBO Max requires a minimum of 5Mbps.

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3. Update HBO max

HBO max not working on your Samsung TV can be fixed by updating your HBO max to the latest version.

Please follow the steps below to update HBO max:

  1. On your Samsung TV, go to the home screen.
  2. Select your apps.
  3. Go to the top right side of the screen and select the settings (gear icon).
  4. Then click the updates tab.
  5. Find HBO max and update it.

If HBO Max does not work after updating, you will need to reboot it. There are some people who are unable to update HBO max due to an unsupported version error. HBO Max is unable to update because Samsung’s memory is full on your tv. The following steps should help you resolve the issue. You can also check our post on Fix ESPN Plus Not Working 2021

How to Troubleshoot HBO Max Unsupported Version Samsung TV

HBO Max Unsupported Version Samsung TV
Source – Reddit
  1. Select settings from the apps menu again.
  2. Now, you can free up space on your smart TV by removing all the unnecessary apps.
  3. You should uninstall HBO max from your smart TV.
  4. You now need to install HBO Max.
  5. Enter your login information.

By following these steps, your Samsung smart tv will be able to update HBO max app.

Make sure your Samsung smart TV is up-to-date with the latest firmware. Smart TV firmware can be updated by going to settings>support>software update>update now. Check if HBO Max is working with the updated Samsung tv firmware after reinstalling HBO Max.

1. Delete or Reinstall HBO Max

If HBO max is not working on your Samsung smart tv, you can try reinstalling HBO max. Doing so will eliminate temporary issues with HBO max and make your Samsung smart tv work as normal. Follow the steps below to reinstall HBO Max.

  1. Select apps on your home screen.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Choose HBO max and click on delete.
  4. Search for HBO max in the search bar.
  5. Download HBO Max and install it on your Samsung TV.

Check if HBO max is working on your Samsung TV.

Try closing HBO max and restarting your smart TV. Try to start HBO Max now to see if it works or not.

2. Reset Samsung Smart hub Settings

According to many Samsung smart tv users, resetting the Samsung smart hub fixed HBO max not working. Following these steps will help you reset Samsung smart tv for HBO max to work again.

Reset Samsung Smart hub Settings
Source: Lifewire
  1. On your Samsung smart TV, go to Settings.
  2. Click on support.
  3. Select the self-diagnosis option.
  4. Go to the smart hub and select Reset.

Once the smart hub has been reset, launch HBO max to see if it is functioning correctly or not.

Contact HBO Max

If HBO max isn’t working on your Samsung smart tv, please contact HBO Max for assistance. HBO Max can assist you in fixing the problem if you contact them and explain what you’re experiencing.

Feel free to add any additional suggestions in the comment section and also check out Samsung TV Mode Not Supported Error.


How do I get HBO Max on my Samsung Smart TV?

1.Open the Smart Hub
2.choose Apps and search for HBO Max
3.Click on HBO Max and then download it.
4.Start HBO Max after downloading and logging in. Samsung TVs may not be supported by every model.

Does my Samsung TV support HBO Max?

HBO Max officially supports only Samsung TVs and Android TVs. While Samsung supports some models, at the very least owners must have a 2016 Samsung smart TV in order to use the Samsung support

Is HBO max not working?

Once you’ve updated, check your internet connectivity to be sure your network is working properly. You can usually fix a bad connection by resetting your router, waiting for it to reconnect, and then trying to watch HBO Max again.

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