LG Content Store Not Working

LG’s content store allows LG smart tv owners to install various applications just like Google Play. LG Smart TV users can install apps like HULU, Pluto TV, Disney Plus, etc through the LG content store. Recently, many LG TV owners have complained that the LG content store is not working on their LG smart TVs. also, LG TV users report that the LG content store is missing. LG smart TVs are experiencing an error that says the content store is not available

LG content store temporary problem is one of the most common problems which people are facing these days. If you are also facing this problem then you can take the help of the below-given steps to fix the LG content store not loading, not available, or not working on your LG smart tv.

Why is my LG Content Store not Opening?

If your Smart TV is connected to the internet but you are still unable to access or update your apps or access the content store, please follow the steps below.

  • If your TV is connected to a USB storage device, unplug it (these may cause interference).
  • In some countries, there are streaming restrictions, so if you do not set your region correctly, your LG content store might fail authentication. Click on “Locations”. Check whether selecting your region has solved the issue.
  • Make sure the time and date are set to “Auto”. You can do this by pressing the “Settings” button, then going to “General” and then “Time & Date”.

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6 Tips On How To Fix LG Content Store Not Working Issue [2022]

LG Content Store is the official app store of LG. it has millions of apps available for download. It is an important part of your TV that you need to use on daily basis. If you are facing any issues with it then you don’t need to worry about it because this article will help you fix all kinds of issues with LG Content Store not working properly.

TIP 1: Restart LG Smart TV:

Various technical glitches can be resolved by restarting your LG smart TV. It can also help to troubleshoot issues associated with the LG content store. You can do this by following these steps:

  • First, turn off the LG smart TV.
  • Disconnect it from the power outlet and hold down the power button on the TV for a few seconds.
LG Content Store Not Working
Unplugged TV Cable
  • Let it rest for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Lastly, plug your LG TV into a wall outlet and turn it on.

Try launching the LG content store on your LG tv and see if you’re able to install apps.

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Tip 2: Check Internet Connection:

LG TV users have reported that bad internet connectivity has caused them problems using the content store. The issue was resolved after they fixed their internet connection or reset their internet device. Follow these steps to fix the content store not working on LG TVs:

  • Unplug your WiFi device (like a router or modem) from the power source.
Unplug your WiFi Cable
  • Then, wait for a few minutes.
  • Connect your router and switch it on.
  • Set up your LG TV via the WiFi network.

You can now launch the LG content store and see if the issue is resolved or not. 

In this case, you can still use the mobile hotspot to check and confirm the problem is caused by the internet since your WI-FI issues are still present.

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Tip 3: DNS Settings:

DNS settings may be causing your problem. Set your DNS manually by following the steps below.

  • Go to “Settings” on the LG content store screen.
  • then find “Advanced and Network”, from the network menu
  • select “Edit” button.
  • Then, in the follow-up window, uncheck the “Set automatically” option.
  • Next, navigate down to the DNS section then replace the DNS number with the following number ‘’, confirm it with the enter button.

Tip 4: Check Firmware Updated:

The latest firmware for your LG TV must be installed. LG smart TVs with outdated firmware can have a lot of issues. Your content store might also be fixed by updating your LG TV software.

Step 1: Press the Settings button on LG TV remote.

Step 2: Select all settings, then General.

Step 3: Scroll down and About This TV.

Step 4: Now Click on Download and Install button.

The LG TV will now find and install any updates pending on your system.

Launch your LG TV’s content store and check whether it works after the software has been updated.

Tip 5: Reset LG TV to Factory Settings:

In the event that your LG content store is still not working, you will have no choice but to factory reset your LG television. Fix LG content store issues including not working, not being available, and missing on your LG TV by using this method. After a factory reset, you will lose all your custom settings and downloads. Here are the steps to factory reset your LG smart tv.

Step 1: Press the settings button on the TV remote.

Step 2: Scroll down and select All Settings.

Step 3: Go to General and click Reset to Initial Settings.

Step 4: Confirm your decision in the message that appears.

You can now use the LG content store without any problems.

Tip 6: Contact LG TV Support

If you continue to have trouble with your LG content store, please contact LG TV. They can assist with fixing the LG content store issue.

LG Content Store Is Missing From My LG Smart TV. What Can I Do?

In this case, the LG content store will not appear on your smart tv if your location has been set incorrectly. When LG content store is missing or LG apps are missing, setting location correctly may help to fix the issue.

Step 1: Press the Settings button on your remote.

Step 2: then chooses all settings.

Step 3: Now go to general settings on your LG TV.

Step 4: Then select Location.

LG content store missing

Step 5: Now enter your location manually.

Step 6: Now restart your LG smart TV.

You will now have access to the LG content store on your LG smart TV. 

An LG Smart TV Content Store Not Available Error Message When You Searching App On Your LG Smart TV?

Some LG smart TV users reported that they were seeing LG content store temporarily unavailable errors after searching for an app. DNS issues can cause LG content store not available errors. You can fix content that is unavailable on LG tv by following the steps below.

Step 1: Press the Settings button on the LG TV remote

Step 2: then select All Settings.

Step 3: Now select the Network option.

Step 4: Choose your current Wi-Fi connection.

Step 5: Select Advanced Wi-Fi Settings at the bottom.

Step 6: From the bottom select the Edit option.

Step 7: Now uncheck set Automatically.

Step 8: Scroll down to DNS and enter and press Enter.

LG content store temporarily unavailable

Note: To make the changes take effect, restart your TV.  

With the LG content store, you will no longer face issues with the content being unavailable on your LG television. The issue may persist if you don’t change your location by following the steps above.


We hope this article has helped you resolve the issue with your LG Content Store not working. If you haven’t already, please do share with us what other issues you are experiencing with your LG Smart TV so we can help out as best as possible!

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