How to Fix Lyft App not Working

There are days when the Lyft app not working, drivers also dread it. It often offers convenience, but there are times when things don’t go according to plan. Users encounter errors on the application over time.

Some people have had the experience of Lyft GPS not working or Lyft not getting rides. This can be caused by a dome system error or incorrect application configuration. Fortunately, there are several fixes available for the various Lyft app errors.

How to FIx Lyft App Not Working

The following things can be done in order to fix this “Lyft App Not Working” issue:

Solution 1: Check your Internet Connection:

The app will sometimes be unavailable via cellular or wi-fi if your connectivity is the issue. In these cases, we recommend that you reboot your network connection. To do this, switch off your wireless or cellular network and reboot the app.

Solution 2: Install the latest software for your phone

The Lyft app uses system connections and permissions on your phone to function properly, so it is important to set the connectivity and permissions correctly.

Many application updates are usually designed for the latest system software releases. Navigate to Settings and scroll to Device Options to acquire the latest or any pending update available for your device.

Solution 3: Clear your cache

You can always clean up your web browsing data to resolve this issue, even if Lyft continues to have problems with the portal. This applies both to the website and app versions.

  1. Firstly, you should reload the webpage.
  2. Cookies, history, and data should be cleared.
  3. Try another page on another tab to see if everything is working.

Solution 4: Redownload or Reinstall App

If you need to, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it again. The reinstallation will help solve any issues you may have with your app or your system configuration.

Reinstalling the app will prompt you to enter data again, ensuring accuracy during the process. After reinstalling the app restart your phone to enable it.

Solution 5: Change Location

The problem may be when the Lyft app doesn’t connect to the app. There are certain parts of the city that have very weak network coverage. People in such areas will have trouble connecting to the app, as they will be at a place that does not have coverage from their service provider.

Solution 6: Remove unnecessary apps from your phone

After connecting Lyft for a little bit, you may be experiencing unwanted application jams. This means that you have multiple applications running at the same time, which ultimately slows down the overall performance of your device.

Many Lyft users complain about a lack of response times due to other apps competing with them for resources. Solve this problem by switching off all applications that are not imperative to the right now.


This guide should have helped you resolve Lyft when the app doesn’t work. If you have attempted all these steps and nothing appears to work, contact the company, or check social media for any announcements.

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