Samsung TV input Source Not Working

Many Samsung TV owners will recall dozens of times they appreciate their purchase for its high quality. However, every now and then, the TV input Stops working, does not show up, keeps switching, or simply gets stuck.

If your Samsung TV input Source not working, doesn’t appear on the remote, keeps changing or gets stuck, resetting the TV, disconnecting HDMI cables one by one, and manually changing the input will correct the problem. Newer models may require specific settings adjustments.

Your Samsung TV not working properly is one of the most frustrating experiences, especially when it comes to something so important as the input. If your Samsung TV is having input problems repeatedly, this may not be a one-time occurrence and should be addressed for better functionality. Read on for more ways to fix Samsung TV input source problems.

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#1 Samsung TV Inputs Not Working

Samsung TV input Source Not Working
Samsung TV input Source Not Working

Inputs on the TV let you connect a variety of devices to it including media players, DVRs, game consoles, computers, and more. Furthermore, without them, your TV would not produce sound or video, and you would be sitting in a dark and silent room. The inability of your TV to function properly when the TV inputs occur is a major issue. In case your Samsung TV inputs do not work, there are a few solutions you can try.

The first step in troubleshooting Samsung TVs with HDMI inputs that don’t work is to turn off all HDMI devices connected to the TV and disconnect all cables. Press the power button on your TV for 30 seconds and unplug it from the wall outlet. The HDMI cables must be connected again to their ports on the TV when the timer has expired, and the TV power cord must be plugged back into the wall outlet. Also, you can read our guide on HDMI Ports not Working on Samsung TV.

#2 Samsung TV Not Showing Input

Samsung TVs may have working inputs, but when they do not display on the screen, it can be difficult to know where you are at. There are a few things you can try to get the inputs on your Samsung TV to show again if they are no longer showing or have not shown up from the very beginning so that you can better navigate through the different functions.

Trying going through the steps to change the input first may help you to locate the input displayed on your Samsung TV. As you press the ‘Source’ button on your remote, the list of available sources will appear to the left or at the bottom of the screen. There should be a scrollable list here where you can choose the correct input option.

After trying all the necessary steps for practical validation, if you cannot find the input, you should consider doing a factory reset on your Samsung TV. You need simply to go to Settings > General > Reset > and then enter your PIN (0000). Reset everything again, and then use your remote control again to locate the inputs.

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#3 Samsung TV Not Recognizing Inputs

The Samsung TV ports may not work in general, but there may also be problems with your TV not recognizing them. You might worry that the TV is underpowered, but before you spend another colossal amount of money on another expensive gadget, try a few of these solutions to get your Samsung TV to recognize all the inputs.

If your Samsung TV does not recognize inputs, try a complete factory reset. It can be performed by going to Settings > General > clicking Reset > and entering your default PIN, which is 0000 if you haven’t already changed it. The TV will restart to factory settings automatically, resolving the unrecognized input issue.

You can try the steps mentioned previously under “Samsung TV Inputs Not Working” with an additional step if that doesn’t work. Unplug the TV for 10 minutes and disconnect all HDMI sources. After 10 minutes, reconnect each HDMI cable one by one, rather than all at once, and plug the TV back in. You will then need to repeat the process for all ports until the port has been reset in ten minutes.

#4 Samsung TV Not Switching Inputs

Samsung TV Not Switching Inputs
Samsung TV Not Switching Inputs

Even more frustrating than inputs switching over and over is Samsung TVs that do not switch inputs at all. In this situation, you can become stuck on a source you have no use for, or you could remain within the television source, preventing the use of other connected devices. There are several ways you can solve the frozen input issue.

In short, ensure that your remote has batteries that are alive, as well as high quality. If the batteries are dead, replace them and then try switching the inputs again. Alternatively, you can change inputs manually by pressing the ‘Input’ button on the control panel behind your TV.

For those of you who can’t get your Samsung TV to function using these methods, you can always unplug it directly from its power source and leave it unplugged for two to ten minutes. In all likelihood, you will need to purchase a universal remote control that will only change your TV’s input. The result may seem like too many remotes for your liking, but this is what is needed to get an input system working.

#5 Samsung TV Keep Switching Inputs/Source

The TV world has been quite upended by a recent feature that auto-detects HDMI devices. In many cases, owners have reported that their Samsung TVs will continually switch back and forth between inputs if more than one device is connected to multiple HDMI outputs. If you’re watching a movie, a game, or even a meeting on your smart TV, this is a huge distraction.

It has been a complaint Samsung customers have been raising for quite some time that their TV keeps switching inputs over and over again. The only newer versions that can perform this are those that have recently received a firmware update. You should then update your TV and use your IR remote to enter Mute > 7-2-9 > Exit so that automatic HDMI switching is disabled.

You cannot disable automatic HDMI switching on certain models, but you can add an HDMI switcher in order to have only one HDMI adapter to worry about. By tricking the system into thinking it only has one HDMI port open, you eliminate the problem, but at your own expense rather than with Samsung’s assistance.

How Do I Manually Change the Input On My Samsung TV?

It is possible that your Samsung TV remote has broken or gone missing and you are looking for another way to switch inputs when the remote simply will not do the job. In Samsung televisions, this problem is already solved and it only takes a few seconds for users to implement the simple fix.

On your Samsung TV, you can manually change the input by finding either the Control Stick on the back of the TV, under the middle of the front panel, or under the side of the front panel. You should be able to manually change the input after you locate the panel and find the button that says ‘Source’ or ‘Input’.

If you have a Samsung TV that is a 2011-2017 model, you can control the input changes with the Smart View app. The SmartThings app is available to those with a Samsung TV that dates from 2016 through 2020. All of these apps are compatible with mobile or tablet devices.

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