Vizio TV HDMI Ports not Working

Customers enjoy the value of Vizio TVs, which are affordable alternatives to smart TVs. Some Vizio customers have noticed their HDMI ports suddenly stop working, but you shouldn’t let this deter you from taking advantage of all that your Vizio TV has to offer. If your Vizio TV’s HDMI port has stopped working, this article will offer some solutions.

If Vizio TV HDMI Ports not working, the best fix is to unplug it from the power and restart it. A replacement HDMI cable or port, changing the device’s display settings, upgrading your firmware, or performing a factory reset may also be necessary.

Vizio TV HDMI Not Working [Fixed Guide]

When your HDMI port stops working on your Vizio TV, there are several possible reasons for this. The following are some solutions you can try to get things working again. Check out HDMI Ports not Working on Samsung TV

Solution 1: Restart TV

Vizio TVs not detecting HDMI inputs are sometimes resolved by restarting the TV with the following procedure. The process is called a hard restart.

Step 1: Turn off your device

Step 2: Remove all HDMI cables from your TV.

Step 3: Disconnect the power supply of your TV.

Step 4: Hold the power button for 30 seconds. It is located on the back of most Vizio TVs, but it may also be on the side of the TV as well.

Step 5: Connect the HDMI cable to the TV.

Step 6: Reconnect the TV to its power source and turn it on.

In case that doesn’t work, you can try the troubleshooting methods below.

Solution 2: Check HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable itself is the first thing to check. Cables can become damaged or loosen over time. There are also some cables that are defective right from the start.

Re-insert the cable into both the TV and your device after you unplug it. If one end fits better in your TV or device, you could try swapping the ends. Ensure the cable is fully inserted.

It may be necessary to try the same cable on another TV or to try a different HDMI cable in your Vizio TV. In this way, you can find out if the cable is faulty. Make a note of which HDMI port you are using.

Solution 3: Check Input Source

Depending on your TV, you would also need to check its input source. Some people have found success with this simple solution.

You may have noticed that the HDMI cable slot was labeled ‘1’ or ‘2’ when you plugged it in. Ensure that you have selected the correct input source by pressing the ‘Input’ button on your remote. Then you can cycle through each one to verify if you’re unsure or if they’ve been labeled differently.

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Solution 4: Broken HDMI Ports

Alternatively, you can try another HDMI port. Too much use can sometimes cause individual ports to break. Ensure that the source of the input is also changed.

Whenever none of the HDMI ports on the TV work, this may be caused by the TV’s computer chip or the Mother Board. If all the ports are damaged, this will need to be replaced.

Due to the high cost of this procedure, you might want to try some of the other troubleshooting methods or try contacting Vizio support. The company may even offer to replace the TV under warranty.

You can always find an HDMI to AV converter if you need to use your device in the meantime. By doing this, you can plug in a newer device into an older TV input. This is only a temporary fix since your picture quality will be compromised.

Solution 5: Update Your Firmware

Possibly a firmware update is available with a fix for an HDMI port bug that’s preventing it from working. To update the firmware on your TV, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Go to System > Check for Updates.

Step 3: To begin the update, select ‘Confirm’ if there is an update available

Step 4: Wait for the update to finish.

Solution 6: Reset the TV to Factory Settings

If your HDMI ports are not responding, you may need to reset the TV to its factory settings. The latest firmware on your TV can also be updated if it contains any known firmware bugs.

TVs can be reset to factory settings to return to their original firmware. If you choose this method, all of your saved preferences and installed apps will be deleted, so only do this if you’re happy to start over.

Step 1: On the remote, click the menu button.

Step 2: Select Settings > Reset & Admin

Step 3: Enter your password or use the default password, 0000.

Step 4: Select the ‘Reset’ option and press ‘Ok’.

Step 5: Wait for the TV to turn off and then on again.

Step 6: Follow the TV set-up instructions.

Please check the HDMI ports again before attempting to update your TV.

Vizio TV HDMI Not Supported / Compatible

You may have to adjust the resolution on the device if your Vizio TV says the HDMI  is “Not Supported” or “Not Compatible” You can find the compatible resolutions in the user manual of your Vizio TV.

If you know which resolution is supported by the TV, go to the display settings of the device that will be streaming the image, whether it is a DVD player, laptop, gaming system, or another streaming device.

Usually, the best resolutions to try are 1920*1080 (‘1080p’) and 1280*720 (‘720p’). In the case that this does not resolve the issue, try the methods above.

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Vizio TV Says No Signal When HDMI Is Plugged In

When your TV displays ‘No Signal’, the HDMI connection isn’t being recognized by the device. Throughout this article, troubleshooting steps are listed to fix the issue.

Vizio TV Not Connecting to HDMI

There is a reason that the HDMI signal on your Vizio TV cannot be read, picked up, recognized, or detected. It could be one of the issues listed below.

  • The HDMI cable is faulty or loose, or the HDMI port is faulty.
  • The TV is set to the incorrect input
  • The display settings are not compatible or prevent the signal from being received
  • The firmware on the TV is outdated.
  • The TV settings have been altered or a bug has been detected in the newest firmware update. 

These issues can be resolved in several ways, which you can find above.

Should none of these methods work, you may need to contact the Vizio support center in your area.

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