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Top 4 Best Free Download Android Strategy Games by 2019

Strategy Games are one type of game that many people love. Not only make wrinkles on the forehead, but strategy games will challenge the mind to solve the puzzles and challenges that are there. In addition, of course, they are also very pleasant.

We herewith present a list of the best 4 recommended android strategy games that you can get in 2019!

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Command & Conquer: Rivals

Enjoy an epic battle between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod in the game Command and Conquer Rivals.

You will be in command of the troops in battle to sweep your opponent’s base off the map. Either through direct attacks or by seizing control points to prepare missiles on the map.

You have to balance infantry, vehicles, and airplanes to find the right balance.


Battle of Polytopia:

android strategy game 2019

Battle of Polytopia is a game with the 4X strategy genre ( eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate ) which is friendly with mobile devices.

As a player, you will take command of one of the many sub-sections by trying to get the highest score in 30 rounds of cruising the map, developing a civilization and fighting with other players.

The fast game model and short time limit make this game a lean and friendly strategy game for your Android device.


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 A Planet of Mine:

android strategy games best

Game A Planet of Mine uses neat tricks in packaging the notoriously complicated 4X game genre. It cuts it into a friendly format for your Android device.

A Planet of Mine is a strategy game that focuses on building and developing your own space kingdom planets. With you assign workers to harvest resources and build in a rotating world.

As your civilization develops, you can colonize other worlds and meet other species to make friends or fight.


Clash Royale:

The strategy game Clash Royale presents a cool mix of tower defense and attacking gameplay. All in a tight 3-minute loop.

Players must carefully balance between attack and defense. This is because of the fast play rounds, one mistake can affect the results of the whole match.


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