Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks to Get Free Diamond

Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks are very important to know for those who play Free Fire. By knowing Free Fire Best Tips,  you will also understand about Free Fire Diamond Hack. Knowing some of the best free fire tips and tricks is necessary to become a pro in the game. In addition to gunfights in Free Fire , the best strategy will make you better than others.

Free Fire Online is an extremely popular game played on the Google Play Store, with over 500 million downloads. Free Fire has become the most played mobile game in the recent past.

The most important thing is that by knowing the Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks  that we have told  you, you will also become Free Fire Pro with Free Fire Diamond Hack. After knowing the Free Fire Best Tips  , you will understand the right way to play this game without wasting time.

Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks

Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks

People who play free fire must know that how important Free Fire Diamond Hack is. Using Free Fire Diamond Hack  comes only in Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks .

One of the most important thing that makes your free fire gameplay the best is the performance of your device, if your device gives good performance, then understand that half of your work is done which will make you free fire pro. Let us now talk about  Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks which is most important for you to know.

1. Settings and Sensitivity:

Make your sensitivity settings according to your device, on a device with 2 GB RAM, keep the sensitivity settings high, otherwise play on the default sensitivity settings. Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks for you   is that never copy someone else’s sensitivity settings. By doing this your free fire performance may get disturbed.

Only by using the best free fire settings according to your own, can your reaction time in free fire be improved. You can do all the settings according to yourself, only then you can be called Pro in Free Fire.

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 30
  • 2x Scope: 52
  • 4x Scope: 66
  • AWM Scope: 82

2. Improves Your Aim:

If you really want to know Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks, then it is most important for you to improve your Aim and you will be able to do this only when you play maximum Free Fire, so it is most important that you play Free Fire Practice again and again, this will make your game even better.

You have to practice every day, practicing in solo mode is the right mind. To become a pro in free fire requires a lot of practice. If you keep working hard, then you will also learn to do one-shot-one-kill.

3. Loot in the Open:

If you loot in open while playing free fire, it can be very dangerous for you. Our next Free Fire Tips and Tricks is that you should always stay alert while robbing in the open because when you rob in the open, enemies will easily see you and suit you.

This free fire diamond hack trick is that you have to always keep moving while looting. If you always learn to keep moving then it will be very difficult for the enemies to kill you and in such a situation you will go to the pro of free fire. I hope you liked Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks .

4. Best Aim Precision:

If your Aim is weak, try to aim accurately with or without default settings. In return, you will be able to apply more headshots and gradually your aim will be very good. This feature is like aim-assisting in PUBG Mobile.

There are many such videos on popular video platform, YouTube. Which will teach you the Best Aim Precision and this will prove to be the Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks for you.

5. Fights in Shrink Zone:

When Zone Shrink is happening, 80% of the players who play Free Fire get nervous, even if it is a starting zone, but you should immediately quit the fight. If seen from the perspective of a gamer, then we should fight only when we are getting benefit from somewhere.

For any player who plays free fire, free fire tricks to win will be the most alert in the last zone because defeat or victory is decided in the last zone itself, a little bit of your cleverness makes you the winner of the game.Free Fire Tips and Tricks

Which mobile does free fire play in?

Nowadays, all smartphones of today have free fire support, but if your mobile has at least 2 GB RAM, then you will be able to play Free Fire very well and your mobile will not face any kind of problem. Free Fire supports all types of mobiles like – Redmi, vivo, oppo, samsung etc. You can enjoy Free Fire on your mobile without worrying.

How to play free fire on live phone?

You  cannot run Free Fire in Jio Phone . Free Fire Game is designed for android and ios phones. The Jio phone runs on KAI OS. You cannot run free fire in live phone.

It will be better for you to stay away from any kind of fake news which tells you the trick of playing in free fire live phone. The free fire game currently only runs on Android and iOS.

Knowing these Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks , you can easily win any game. These free fire headshot tips will help you a lot in winning the game. I hope you liked the free fire pro tips very much. If you have any suggestions about this question, then you can tell us in the comment below and if you liked this information then do not forget to share this information on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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