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The latest VIP version of Free Fire mod menu 2023 works well with the new update and is undetectable. You will not experience any ban or issues in this mod data file for Free Fire, which you may find in other mods.

There is VIP mod data for free fire apk and it works. Now I am sharing a VIP mod Menu for free fire. Click the button below to download the mod menu for aimbot and magic bullet.

Their account has been banned based on this reason. If you’re interested, you can download the mod menu apk of free fire as well. Free Fire mod menu apk comes with a lot of great features. The free fire mod menu apk mediafıre link does not require any mod data.

What is Free Fire Mod Menu APK?

Now, Free Fire Mod Menu APK unlimited diamonds download is developed by third-party developers to enjoy the game by applying the best features which will not get any from the official app. Herewith this mod menu, you will get Auto Headshot Config, Auto Recoil, Auto Aim, AimKill, ESP Head, ESP Fire, Esp Material, White Body, Remove Scope, and more.

A game called Garena Free Fire has taken the Android gaming world by storm by allowing the user to engage in some of the best-designed multiplayer gameplay, which allows the game to engage in battles with around 50 players from all over the world in an extremely adventurous and hostile game environment where survival is the only way to ensure victory.

Download Free Fire Mod Menu APK Latest Version For Android

Garena Free Fire is a game that offers similar gameplay to PUBG, but in a better way and with much smaller storage requirements. Hence, it is a popular and fast-growing alternative game. Free Fire boasts gorgeous 3D designs that pull the most ideal experience for the gamer. Maps, characters, weapons, and battle impacts, a movement that makes Free Fire Mod Menu APK still reasonable than at any other time.

New Features in Free Fire Mod Menu APK v1.94.1 [Unlimited Diamonds]

The Free fire Game is not a very new concept it is almost similar to PUBG. If you have enjoyed playing PUBG earlier then you will mostly enjoy this Garena Free Fire MOD APK. 

In this game, you will have to kill enemies and collect weapons so that you can survive for a longer time in the game. The highlighted feature in the free fire mod menu is you will have a lot of Health Kits and all the things like bullets and grenades will be unlimited so no need to worry while you are playing this Garena free fire mod Apk.

AimBot (Auto Kill)

Our Garena Free Fire Mod Menu has an AimBot function. It will automatically shoot the enemy when the insight. You won’t shoot through walls and objects so you won’t be spotted by other players as a cheater.

This option also has the “more damage” and “Auto headshot” functions. You can activate them while playing. Just be careful when using the headshot function, because you can easily be detected. If you only use the auto-aim feature, you will be 100% ban-proof.

You can easily win almost any match using this Garena Free Fire Menu MOD APK.

AimKill (Visual)

Everyone likes to win new or old players. AimKill is a feature that will never let you lose. This will target and shoot at your enemy itself. It means you will be playing it safe.

Someone will come and kill you. You will shoot it automatically before it shoots. This is a free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds download for android, so everything in it is much better than the original. With the help of free fire unlimited diamond apk download, you can shoot automatically when aiming at someone.

Free Fire MOD Menu

White body

Your controlled character’s body turned white in color and that made you get decent kills. So you can have more accurate headshots.

Remove Scope

When we try to kill our opponents from a really long distance, we have no choice but to use a scope on our weapons. But sometimes they tremble when we shoot. And it becomes a little difficult to properly adjust our goal. But not anymore! This apk version of Mod Menu removed the “Scope Shaking” issue.

How to use Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

  • Download Garena Free Fire Mod Apk from the button below.
  • Now copy your data or OBB file and remove the original Apk from Free Fire.
  • Now install Mod Apk from Free Fire and then move all the data and OBB files to the same directory.
  • Now open your game and log in with the details provided.
  • Use your guest ID to enter the game after the mode is unlocked.


Free Fire Mod Menu APK increases your abilities and allows you to reach higher ranks faster, it does not improve your gaming skills as much as training with it. To be a professional player you would need sportiness and practice, but if you’re already here and looking for a new and exciting experience, download the app today and taste invincibility at its best. Nothing can stop you with the Free Fire Menu Mod app.

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