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How To Free Internal Storage In OLD Android Device

Get free internal storage from old Android
Get free internal storage from old Android

Your Device storage running low? Learn how to Get Free Internal storage In Old Android Device and also able to learn more tips about get free internal storage.

Imagine that you cannot download a new song shared by your friend or an application or even take a simple photo. Why you will receive a notification saying that the internal storage space is running out, something really frustrating !!! and even though at this time it is rare to see a phone with an internal storage of 16 GB or less GB if there are many users who have these devices, which are usually those who face this problem. 

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So,well, the easiest solution would be to buy a phone with more storage. But surely you don’t have enough money at this time for that investment.

Get free internal storage from old Android
Get free internal storage from old Android

So in the meantime to fix it, you need to free some internal storage. Once you do that, the notification will disappear automatically. These are some of the ways to do it.



It is no surprise when I say that images engulf a large amount of storage space. Instead of deleting or cleaning manually, the safest option is to use the Google Photos application to back up all your photos in the cloud. This not only saves a lot of space, but also ensures that you have access to all your images.

google photos
google photos


Google Photos Download

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Some of the popular applications that everyone uses daily are considerably larger. If it runs on a phone that has a good processor and larger storage, you won’t have any problems. But if the same application will run on a device with little space, then a considerable amount of space would accumulate. A step in the right direction would be to change the native application to its lighter version. Or better yet, if I could get an application that would translate most applications into lightweight applications. A perfect example is the Hermit application, which would increase both the storage and performance of your Android. since with this application, you can have all the lite versions of your favorite applications.


Hermit Apk download

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If you use WhatsApp a lot, I am pretty sure that your phone must have compiled a massive download of videos, photos and other files. Maybe you forgot to disable the automatic download option for WhatsApp groups. Similarly, your device will also have unused data from other applications. Therefore, it is better to delete these files regularly. To do that, you will need an application that for me is one of the best since it performs a scan of the entire device in order to find and remove all the garbage with which you will get much more internal storage.

SD maid Pro
SD maid Pro

SD Maid Pro APK

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The adoptable storage, as the name implies, formats the microSD card and adopts it as part of the system. This method is only possible on phones with pure Android and running Android 6 or higher and requires a high-speed class 10 SD card. With this logically you will have more internal storage and you can install your applications in the SD storage. Here you must see a video where I explain it in more detail. so if you’re interested, just watch this video and then go and watch that

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We all know the dangers of storing large file systems on Android phones with less storage. The same can be extended to music files, when many songs are downloaded the space they occupy in ours, if you have a phone that supports micro sd the ideal would be to put them all in that storage, but if it is not your ideal case it would be to change to an online song streaming application such as Deezer which allows you to download all your music to listen to when you don’t have an internet connection.

Deezer Premium APK

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The Android system stores temporary files such as images, videos and even text files for later reference. This is done to save time and bandwidth when the application starts. But over time, the application picks up too much cache storage, which causes the application to slow down and take up storage space. Therefore, as part of regular device maintenance, clear the cache at frequent intervals. To clear it, go to Application settings> Storage and touch Clear cache.

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Most smartphones, apart from those with pure Android, are reinstalled with many additional applications that are commonly called bloatware. For example, if you have Xiaomi brand phones, they generate it with pre-sealed applications which you will never use. Applications like these take up storage space. Although we cannot uninstall them, we can always disable them. So first uninstall the updates and then undo the application.

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These were some of the best ways to manage internal storage so next time do not despair when the message of little space remains, just face it using these small simple but effective tricks.

Wrapping UP

Here is all about the most attractive way that, “How To Free Internal storage In OLD Android Device”. These are among the tips and the Android app. Mostly, all of theme are available on play store.

If you had any question guys about this article then feel free to ask questions in the comment section, we are always happy to give you solutions about tech which we already know. Let’s Meet up in the next fantastic article.

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