Google Abandons Virtual Reality and Releases Cardboard Technology

Google Cardboard has been for years the most affordable way to start testing virtual reality. Google abandons and releases its technology.

Do you remember when Google believed in virtual reality and had several technologies? Well, in 2019 the reality in Google ceases to be virtual, abandoning all the technologies in which it invested a few years ago. Of course, not everything is bad news, since Google will release Cardboard technology, its most affordable virtual reality.

Google Bids Virtual Reality and Closes Google Cardboard

Google’s relationship with virtual reality has always been curious. In June 2014 they surprised the world with Cardboard, cardboard glasses in which, by placing the mobile, we could enjoy a virtual reality lowcost.

It is surely one of the best ideas that nobody has ever had to democratize virtual reality since only a mobile phone and an extremely cheap kit is necessary (although over time more mobile viewers came out) allowing us to know new experiences.

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Google has decided to close this technology because the technology is less and less used and they are not actively working on its development, as they have in their last statement:

«While we have seen the use of Cardboard fall over time and we are no longer actively developing the development kit, we do see consistent use around entertainment and education experiences, and we want to make sure that virtual reality accessible to everyone stay available. 

Although Google is going to abandon technology, they are aware of the value of Cardboard in the world of education, which is why they have released all the technology code and the SDK so that the community has free access to them.

What is the difference between keeping the development kit alive and releasing the technology? For the user on foot may be little, but for developers, it is excellent, because they will have the freedom to learn how the software that Google created for this virtual reality works, also having the freedom to modify it, improve it or correct errors that Google no longer has will correct.

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