Google and its New Apps Defense Alliance That Protects us From the Play Store

App Defense Alliance was born thanks to an alliance between several companies, in order to break the security of the Google Play Store. Among these companies we find ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium; These have a great track record in security areas and are willing to make an Android more and more secure; That is one of the issues that continues to cause major problems for the firm.

In the past almost weekly we found some kind of malware or some security flaw; This complicated the users’ trust towards the operating system of the green robot. Over time they knew how to deal with this problem very effectively, but this is a problem that never ends; That’s where Play Protect is born a new system that detects those malicious apps, which we have installed on our mobile. Of course, it has some weaknesses, App Defense Alliance comes to strengthen it.

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App Defense Alliance a much more aggressive security

App Defense Alliance
Image Source: Google

You will wonder what specific objective App Defense Alliance has because in a simple way we will explain. This initiative aims to identify in a simple way, but especially effective those suspicious applications, once something improper has been detected will proceed to the immediate elimination; This will also happen for those who are queued to be published in the Google Play Store, beware of this latest data. In other words, it consists in the integration of malware search engines, strengthening the work that Play Protect has been fulfilling.

Protect with the scanning engines of each partner. This will generate new application risk intelligence as applications are queued for publication. The partners will analyze that data set and act as another set of vital eyes before an application is activated in the Play Store. ”

Undoubtedly, the great work that the company is doing to try to strengthen its app store, which has historically been a victim of malware apps, is remarkable. In recent months we have witnessed a considerable number of applications, which have been banished for this same reason, this reminds us of the case of the well-known Cam Scanner in which after complying with Google’s parameters and rules it returned to the Android store.

We must recognize that this fills us with a lot of tranquility and expectation because we know that in the near future we will have as a result; a Play Store of quality and especially of height, where you will not have to envy anything to the competition.

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