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Google And Its Play Points Program Reward You For Downloading Apps

After initially launching in Japan and Korea, the Google Play Points program lands in the United States to reward users for downloading apps from the Play Store and spending money within these applications.

Although the vast majority of users do not spend too much money in the app store, many of these apps and games like Clash Royale or PUBG, among others, are made of gold by accumulating a monumental amount of revenue from in-app purchases, that is, within these apps.

And Google wants to reward you for spending on these apps with its Play Points program, just arrived in the United States. Yes, for now, we will not be able to enjoy this in Europe. Although, we want to believe that it will eventually reach our country and other European regions (Hopefully!).

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How to activate Google Play Points in the United States

If you are a lucky person and you are in the United States, you can activate this rewards program from next week.

To do this, open the Play Store from your Android mobile and tap on the Menu icon (it is the one with three lines). Here, click on the Play Points option and finally, click Join.

Note: keep in mind that if you have not added any payment method, you will have to add one.

Being part of Google Play Points is free. It will allow you to receive rewards by spending money on your favorite applications and games or by subscribing to them.

In addition, you will receive additional points when you download the featured apps each week and take advantage of the weekly promotions.

The reward is in the form of points that you can redeem for Play Store credit or in-app purchases. But if you wish, you can donate those points to a large number of non-profit NGOs.

How Google Rewards Users for Downloading Apps

Image Source: Google

The Googe Play Points points service is similar to other loyalty programs, such as that of airlines. As in these, the objective is to encourage users to buy. Therefore, they will receive points depending on what they consume.

Play Points will reward you for acquiring applications, books, movies and for spending money on apps.

In this system there are four levels, depending on how much money you spend. These levels provide a number of additional advantages.

  • Bronze level: if you are bronze level, every dollar you spend equals 1 point. During special events that take place every month, each dollar will equal 4 points. The rental of movies and purchase of books is equivalent to 2 points;
  • Silver level: if you are silver level, every dollar you spend equals 1.1 points. During monthly special events, each dollar will equal 4 points. The rental of movies and the purchase of books will amount to 3 points. The maximum you can receive a monthly reward is 50 silver points;
  • Gold level: if you are gold level, every dollar you spend equals 1.2 points. During special events that take place monthly, each dollar will equal 4 points. The rental and purchase of books will also equal 4 points. You can receive a maximum of 200 gold points per month;
  • Platinum level: if you are a platinum level, every dollar you spend equals 1.4 points. During the special events that take place every 30 days, every dollar you invest will equal 4 points. In movie rental and book purchase, you will receive 5 points. The maximum amount you can receive as a monthly reward is 500 gold points.

The more and more points you earn in a month, you will level up in the coming months, so you will receive more benefits.

How to get additional points: Play Rewards and Opinion Rewards

As you have observed, the Play Points redemption system is similar to that of Play Rewards. Did you know that with this app you can get additional points and credits?

If you want to get additional credits to redeem and use in the Google Play Store, download Play Rewards.

Another Google application that will allow you to receive extra points is Opinion Rewards. With this app, you can earn rewards for giving your opinion on a wide variety of topics.



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