Google offers a temporary solution until you fix problems between Android 10 and Android Auto

With the arrival of Android 10, the Android Auto application has disappeared or has stopped working. It is a problem for all drivers who use this system to control their mobile more easily.

When updating the phones to the latest version of Android, many users have found that the Android Auto application disappeared from their device or that the system indicated with an alert that this app is not compatible and, therefore, can not use it.

Google has already put the batteries and promises that it will solve this problem soon. The company says that this fall will be ready the Driving Mode of its virtual assistant that would replace Android Auto on mobile phones, but this delay is responsible for the app is not compatible with Android 10.

Temporarily until everything is solved since Google has offered the possibility of using a new application. It’s called Android Auto for phone screens and it’s practically identical to the version of Android Auto we already knew.

It is a shortcut, a kind of patch that allows you to continue using this service until Google comes up with the solution and definitely launches the Google Assistant navigation mode.

This temporary solution allows you to make calls, change the music, answer messages or search for a destination on the map from the screen or with the voice commands to which the assistant responds and that prevents us from releasing the steering wheel or diverting the look of the road.

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