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The Support for the Original Google Pixel ends: in December they will Receive their Latest Update

The November security update was launched last Monday and as usual, it started to reach users first with a Google Pixel, but not everyone. The original Google Pixel has not received the November update, nor will they receive it.

This update includes exclusive fixes for Pixel phones, including the promised improvements in Smooth Display, but the original Pixel’s life support is running out. However, Google has confirmed to The Verge that they still have an update pending: the last patch for the Google Pixel will arrive in December.

Extensions are over

The original Google Pixel arrived in October 2016 with the promise of two years of system updates and three years of security updates. That is, as of October 2018, system updates were not guaranteed, and the same happened with security updates as of October 2019.

That it is not guaranteed does not mean that it does not take place, and that is precisely what happened with Android 10, which was finally available for all Google Pixel, including the first one, already in a time of discount in terms of official support.

Support for system updates has been extended for one year, but security updates will more or less keep the stipulated deadline. The Google Pixel has not received the November one but will have their last update in December, including patches of both the November update and the December update.

A year ago, the support for the Google Nexus ended, although the fact that Google finally extended the support for system updates a year, gave hopes that it would do the same with the security ones. Finally, it has not been so, and it seems that everything will continue according to the plan. As of December, the original Google Pixel will be at your own risk.

Source By: The Verge

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