How To Delete Or Multiple All Emails On iPhone At Once

Delete all email On iPhone: From how much you have bought your iPhone you have started to assiduously use Mail, the application included in iOS to manage emails, and at the moment you can feel well satisfied and satisfied with the choice made. However, there is one thing that you really can’t manage to swallow: delete all the various messages that clog up your account one at a time. It’s not really a pleasant experience, you’re right, not to mention the enormous waste of time that comes with it.

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Given the situation, let me give you some advice: why don’t you delete all the emails from the iPhone at the same time? How do you say? Didn’t know you could do it? Well, now you know and if you want I can explain how to do it. The operation, I anticipate it immediately, is very easy to do even for those, a bit like you, still do not consider themselves a great expert in terms of technologies in general and Apple devices in particular.

Then? What would you say to finally put the talk aside and take action? Yes? Great. Position yourself so beautifully comfortable, grab your smartphone of the “bitten apple” and immediately start concentrating on reading all of the following. In the end, I am sure, you will be able to tell you well pleased and satisfied with what you have learned. Ah, I almost forgot … for completeness of information I will also tell you how to directly delete a given email account from the iPhone and how to put you in direct contact with Apple in case of further doubts or problems.

Delete all emails from Mail:

As I said a few lines above, the Mail app on the iPhone (but also on the iPad, if you are interested in it) integrates a special function through which you can delete all received, sent, saved e-mail messages, etc. simultaneously.

So let’s see how we need to proceed to exploit it. You will find everything explained in detail below.

Move all messages to the trash:

how do delete all emails on iphone

The first fundamental thing you need to accomplish in order to delete all the emails from the iPhone is to move the emails you want to delete into the Mail basket.

To do this, first of all, take care of grabbing your “iPhone by”, unlocking it so that you can access the home screen and tap the icon of the Mail app (the one with the blue background and the white envelope).

Once you see the app screen, expand (if necessary) the account that contains all the e-mails you want to delete (eg Google ) by pressing on the arrow on the right and then tap on the reference section (eg. Entry ).

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If you have more than one account and you don’t want to make distinctions between one or the other, you can also directly press on the items you find at the top of the screen (eg Incoming ), so as to display all messages in a unified way.

On the next screen, press on the Edit item at the top right, and press on the dot that you find next to each message so that from white you turn blue. Then press on the item Archive located in the lower right part of the screen and it is done.

Empty the trash:

By putting the above steps into practice, you were able to move all received, sent, etc. messages to the Trash can. via e-mail that you intended to cancel. However, this does not automatically mean that the emails in question have been permanently deleted. To succeed, in fact, you have to empty the trash.

iphone delete all emails

To do this, go to the main screen of the Mail app, as seen together in the previous step, expand the menu (if it is not already such) relating to the reference account by pressing the arrow on the right and step on the item Basket.

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If you then have more than one e-mail account and you do not distinguish between one or the other, stop directly at the item Trash you find in the upper part of the screen, so as to display all the messages in a unified manner.

To conclude and therefore to be able to eliminate all the emails from the iPhone in a definitive way, press on the item Edit that you find in the top right corner, step on the word Delete all that is at the bottom and confirm the choice made by pressing the red button  Delete all in the menu that appears on the screen.

Deleting all spam:

As far as spam (junk mail) is concerned, the procedure to put into practice to delete all the emails from the iPhone is slightly different than the one seen together earlier. However, nothing complex. I’ll explain everything to you now.

First of all, you went to the main screen of the Mail app as I indicated in the previous lines and expand the menu (if it does not already exist) of the account for which you want to go and take action by tapping the dart on the right. Then press the Undesirable item.

In the new screen that will open up, stop at the word Edit at the top right and then on the Delete all link located at the bottom of the screen. Therefore confirm your intentions by pressing the red button Delete all in the menu that appears. Here it is!

Note: The emails deleted from the spam folder, as I have just indicated, will be permanently deleted from your email account. 
Therefore you will not need to access the trash, as in the case of “normal” e-mails, to be able to get rid of them definitively.

Delete email accounts:

Instead of deleting all the emails from the iPhone, as I indicated in the previous lines, would you like to understand how to remove a given email account from your iPhone by going to locally delete the related messages? It can be done, of course. Let’s see immediately how.

how to delete all emails on iphone at once

First of all, grab your iPhone, unlock it, access the home screen and press the Settings icon (the one with the gear ) and then make a slight scroll in the screen displayed and select the item Account and password item.

In the further screen that you will see appear at this point, select the account you wish to modify in the Account section and then click on Delete account. Therefore confirm your intentions by pressing the red button Delete from iPhone in the menu that appears.

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If the account you want to work on is the iCloud account, instead of the word Delete account you’ll find that Esci, which you will have to press twice in a row. But keep in mind that if you use the service for the management of your data on the iPhone, leaving the iCloud account not only will you not see all the emails received through the relevant mail account but neither will the other data connected.

If you then have to think again, you can always add the deleted account again by going to Settings> Account and password , pressing the Add account item that you find in the Account section in the screen displayed, selecting the type of account you want to add among those in list (eg Google ) to perform the automatic configuration or by pressing on the item Other to perform the manual configuration, providing the requested data and finally choosing to enable its use also for the management of the mail.

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If instead of deleting a given account from your iPhone you would simply like to disable the e-mail function, after going to Settings> Account and password and after pressing on the reference account in the Account section, bring up OFF the switch you find next to the Mail item and it’s done. It basically takes a lot longer to explain than to do it!

This is feasible even in the case of the iCloud account. After going to Settings> Account and password and after pressing on the iCloud item in the Account section, you just need to turn the switch next to the Mail entry to  OFF and you’re done.

Should you have second thoughts, you can always and in any case go back to your steps by turning ON again the switch present in correspondence with the entry Mail in the screens above. The changes will take effect immediately.

Have you followed my instructions on how to delete all the emails from your iPhone but a few hitches have arisen and you don’t know how to deal with it? Is there any other doubt or problem that grips you and you wish you could receive more info about it? Then I can not help but advise you to contact  Apple customer service.

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