How To Delete Your Instagram Account Forever

Do you want to Delete or Remove an Instagram account definitely? Although this is one of the social networks with more potential nowadays, it is possible that your intention is not to have more activity in it.

For this reason, today I want to share you a complete step-by-step guide, with which you can either cancel your personal profile forever or deactivate it for a period of time.

If you notice, I make this distinction, since as you will see later, in this tutorial I will also show you what to do if you want to delete it, but you are still not 100% sure to do it.

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Therefore, I invite you to, after explaining step by step all the procedure to remove Instagram, at the end of the post let’s make a reflection together.

How to remove an Instagram account and delete it permanently?

It’s time to get serious! And, if what you want is to delete your profile forever, you must perform the steps that I will explain below:

Access The Account:

As in the previous procedure, the first step to delete it is to access this account through your password and email, just like you normally do.

As in the case of deactivation, you must do it from your Web browser, PC or Mac. This procedure is not available from mobile, at least until now.

Review Your Account:

It is very likely that before closing if you want to review it if you want to save some of your photos or videos. For this I recommend you download them to your hard drive and then transfer it to a removable hard drive, a pen drive or the cloud.

You could also include them all in a large file and send it to your own mail, using tools such as WeTransfer or similar.

Go To The Link To Delete Account:

Delete Instagram Account LinkYou can access the options for deleting profiles. As it usually happens on all platforms, the option to remove an Instagram account is usually quite hidden, so nobody can delete them by mistake.

How to delete instagram account
How to delete instagram account

Answer The Question:

As when you deactivate your profile, the application will ask you the reason why you want to close your user permanently and forever.

In the drop-down menu, you can choose between several causes and you will be offered solutions to prevent you from closing the account. This is quite useful if the real cause is that you do not know how to use Instagram exactly.

Re-enter The Password:

After selecting an option, the application will ask you again to enter your password, as extra security. This way, you will make sure that nobody who found your profile open on another computer wants to delete it without your consent.

Click On The Button “Delete My Account Permanently”

On the same page where you are asked to indicate the cause of the closure and where you must rewrite your password, you will find a red button with the caption ” Delete my account permanently “. Specifically, it is on the bottom left.

Permanetly Deactive My Account
Delete An Instagram Account

Once you click on that button, your account will be deleted forever, along with all the information contained in it and that you have not previously saved.

This option is irreversible, so I recommend that before doing copies if it is better to deactivate your profile temporarily or if you really want to delete your account forever.

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How to deactivate my Instagram account temporarily?

As I already told you at the beginning, if instead of opting to erase your profile forever, you just want to deactivate it for a certain time, you can also do it. For this, the steps to follow are below.

Access Your Account:

First, you must enter the user you wish to deactivate by entering the email you used to register it and the corresponding password.

If you do not remember the password you must click on the link ” Have you forgotten the password? “And follow the steps indicated by the application.

Go To Edit Your Profile:

Once you are inside your profile, you must go to it and select the “Edit Profile” option, which you can easily recognize with the gear icon.

Note: To be able to deactivate your Instagram, you must enter from your mobile browser, PC or Mac. If you do it from the App on your smartphone, this option will not appear.

Select the option “deactivate account”

Within your options, you must go to the bottom right and click on the ” Temporarily deactivate my account ” link.

Answer The Final Question:

After clicking on the aforementioned link, the application will ask you the reason why you want to deactivate it. Among the reasons you can select are:

  1. need a break.
  2. I worry about privacy.
  3. have created another.
  4. I want to delete certain content.
  5. It takes away too much time.

Temperory Disable Your Account:

Once you have selected the reason, we will only have to click on “Temporarily disable my account” and it will be inactive.

When an account is inactive, it is not visible to any other user so, for all purposes, it will appear to have been deleted.

To reactivate your profile you will only have to access it again with your user data (password and password).

Remamber: That account deactivation can only be done once a week, so do not try it on a recurring basis, or the platform could take it as a Spam type action and block your IP address.

Why can Instagram want to delete your account?

As you have read, there are many reasons to want to delete an Instagram account. However, the opposite could also happen: that the platform itself may want to ban you or block you.


As with Facebook, Twitter, and many others, having a “spammer” behavior here is also penalized with the removal of your Instagram.

Undue actions such as indiscriminately labeling other users that do not even appear in your images or mentioning them “without rhyme or reason” in many of your publications, may result in them reporting this activity to the platform and closing it permanently.

Publish illegal or distasteful contents:

As the person who may be receiving pressures or “cyberbullying” may want to close their profile definitely, the platform itself, if it detects the profile that uploads content from others for illegal or pornographic purposes, you can also delete it.

Unfortunately, today this happens much more than you can imagine.

Impersonating another user:

Of course, it is also worthy of having your account removed by the fact of usurping the identity of a particular user or company with a presence on this platform.

The best thing is that you only open an account on Instagram for you as private use or for your own business. In this way, you will never have problems with this social network or with its good behavior policies.

Why can I want to delete or delete an Instagram account?

More than 8 million People and companies in the world use it and it has become one of the main engines of Internet activity, creating up to 70% of the hashtags used in the network, for its more than 100 million active users. day.

Despite this, these are the main reasons that can make us want to close our presence or eliminate an Instagram account.

Unsubscribe the current profile to create another:

This is one of the main reasons to close a profile. And is that, if you opened yours when it was founded, with the passage of time, people mature and want to give another touch to their presence on social networks.

Therefore, instead of deleting almost all the content uploaded to the app, they decide to delete it and open a new one from scratch.

Having found a more appropriate social network:

Each platform has its particularities and its public. In many cases, it can be decided to close a social network to use another one more adapted to the needs of the user.

This case is very common among professionals and companies that, after a time, decide to optimize efforts, time and money and bet on other more effective digital channels.


Both this and some of the other social platforms can cause addiction. If you spend too much time making use of them and you are leaving family, work or studies aside, it is best to delete your Instagram account forever.

On the other hand, it is also shown that social networks can enhance obsessive behavior.

 There are many people who fall into anxiety or depression because they do not achieve the notoriety they desire.

Family conflicts:

From the moment you understand what Instagram is and exactly what it is for, sometimes being in it can be a source of jealousy and disputes between couples. One way to solve this problem in a radical way is to eliminate the accounts of both.

This usually happens when the user that is given to it is purely personal and may cause “friction” family, depending on what type of people you add in this platform.

For privacy:

The recent massive theft of data on Facebook has not served, precisely, for people to trust the privacy policies of social networks, many people have decided to delete their profiles on these platforms.

In the case of this problem, it is best to close it and move away from everything related to this or other networks for a while.

Final Words:

I hope this article has helped you to better understand this topic and, of course, to Remove Or Delete an Instagram Account or temporarily disable your profile, respectively.

As with almost everything in life, what today helps us to achieve our goals, probably tomorrow may not be.

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