How to Fix a “Samsung TV Mode Not Supported” Error

Samsung TV Mode Not Supported“: Samsung LCD televisions have both HDMI and VGA interfaces. These vents permit you to connect a PC to the Samsung and then see the computer’s display on the TV. Once connected, the monitor ought to be observable. When there’s an issue with the link, a”Mode Not Supported Suddenly” error will show on the monitor. This generally happens because the display resolution has not been configured to the PC correctly to enable the sign to be read by the Samsung.

Error Display On Samsung TV Screen:

  1. Standard Error
  2. Smart Hub Error Messages
  3. Other Error

Solution “Samsung TV Mode Not Supported”

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Mode Not Supported:

mode not supported samsung tv pc
Image Source: Samsung

This error message only appears in the event that you’ve put the origin in your TV to your device (like a set-top box or DVD player) that’s set to some resolution that the TV can’t accept.

  • A PC on the TV that’s outputting a greater resolution compared to the TV supports, or the video card driver has to be upgraded.
  • A combination A/V link that’s outputting a resolution greater than 480i.
  • An HDMI Link: External apparatus is set to automobile resolution, consider setting to some predetermined resolution output.
  • The HDMI cable is long, test using a 6ft or shorter cable. Longer cables may produce a manner not supported message.

Check Signal Cable:

The Check Signal Cable error message indicates that the TV doesn’t detect a device attached to it. You will see this message if linking any apparatus, an antenna, or a direct cable lineup.

Not Available:

The Not Accessible message will show up on the TV if a purpose is attempting to be done that isn’t available at a particular time because of source or setting.

For instance:

• hoping to modify the quantity once the TV’s speakers have been handicapped.

• hoping to change the station whenever you aren’t about the”TV” source.

• seeking to use CC, CH LIST, GUIDE, FAV CH, etc., when you’re not about the”TV” source.

No Signal or Poor Signal:

The No Signal or Poor Signal error message suggests the TV is discovering a relationship, but it’s not getting a signal with that connection.


• Powering off and about the outside apparatus.

• Assessing the cable is correctly seated in the TV and outside origin.

• When your device has multiple screen outputs (a notebook for example) affirm that the device was set to output the link you’re using.

• Replace cables

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The Wise Hub failed in Placing the widget gallery Around the Samsung PM Server.

This can be caused by:

• Smart Hub Country Code Not Place

• heavy network traffic at the moment. Try again in a non-peak moment.

Network Interference:

The network Inter interference message Could be Shown for multiple reasons:

• The TV is not linked to the online.

• The ISP is blocking links to the Samsung servers.

• there are now heavy visitors on the Samsung Servers.

HDCP Compromised:

Sometimes the message”The HDCP Has Been Compromised” will look if using an HDMI connection in the satellite or cable box. This message isn’t created by the TV however from the satellite or cable box.

• The box has obtained an upgrade and has to be flashed, unplug the box for 30 seconds and then plug it back.

• The box is linked with HDMI and yet another link (coax, composite, or component). Disconnect the excess link and power cycle the box.


The TV says”Locked” if a button is really a media and you can’t do anything to restrain the TV. This issue isn’t really a problem with TV and this circumstance results from a signal in the outside Set-Top-Box (STB).

• Power cycle that the TV, unplug the TV for 30 minutes then plugs it back.

• Power cycle that the STB, unplug the STB for 30 minutes then plugs it back in.


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