How To Fix Netflix NW-3-6 Error

How To Fix Netflix NW-3-6 Error

Fix Netflix NW-3-6 Error: The NW-3-6 error is one of the recurring failures that the Netflix application can display on multiple devices. The reason is known to be related to a device configuration or network connection problem. There is a solution to the malfunction and, in just a few steps, you can give the game to your favorite movies and TV series. Here’s how to resolve Netflix’s NW-3-6 error on game consoles, Bluray devices and smart TVs of various models.

How to Resolved Netflix NW-3-6 Error

Restart the device:

Regardless of where the error occurs, the first step in solving it is to restart the device. Once reconnected, the console, Bluray reader or smart TV can successfully connect to the network and automatically retrieve access to Netflix.

Reset your internet modem:

Since the problem is related to the connection, there are possibilities, according to Netflix, that a reset of the modem is resolved. To do this, disconnect the Internet device from the wall socket and disconnect the fiber optic cable if present. Plug the device back into the wall socket and reconnect the cable carrying the broadband signal. Wait for all the lights to come on and try Netflix again.

Reconfigure your DNS:

Consoles may have connection problems when DNS is manually programmed, for example, to use Google. One way to try to regain access to Netflix is ​​to return it to the default DNS. To do this, access the network (or internet) settings of your video game and leave the DNS automatically. The solution

is true for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Use the cable connection:

If the automatic DNS configuration does not work, Netflix recommends connecting the device directly to the cable modem/router. Use an Ethernet cable to physically connect a console, TV or Bluray device to the Internet and try to play videos in the streaming service.

Disable VPNs:

If the connection is tunneled through a VPN, we recommend that you disconnect the virtual private network to connect to Netflix. Based on the official service support, redirecting the connection may affect the reproduction of the content on the platform and cause the NW-3-6 error.

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