How to Get Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Free

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How to Get Free Fire Game in Friends, Do you also want to get Free Fire Game, if you want, I will tell you about some details about how to get Free Fire Game, how to get Free Fire and its benefits and what is the harm, I will tell everything and I will also tell how you can take unlimited Diamonds get and unlimited coins.

Do you know that in today’s time the most popular game is pubg, but if you talk about the second number, it is a free FIRE game, it would be nice to hear a little because in today’s time everyone is a fan of free fire games and also I am a very big fan and in such a way, I enjoy playing free fire?

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You all know that well, but there are many people who want to the free fire game because the fun that is enjoyed by hacking does not come in anything and we can take as much diamond as we want for free, or Then you can get coins for free so that we can buy the premium thing, so if you really want to free fire, then read this article carefully and after that, you will be aware of everything.

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How to Get Free Fire Mobile Game

Guys have many methods to get free fire like the script method and other free fire ESP hac and there are many methods to get free fire but I will tell you through Free Fire Mod and GameGuardian how you can free Fire Mobile Game can be hck

This is a very simple method and has working tips and there are other ways to free fire, so let’s also know from GameGuardian method, after that, I will also tell you through MOD apk how to  free fire This is why reading this article carefully.

Free Fire Diamonds With GameGuardian 

To free fire through GameGuardian, you have to download a script file, after that, you can download a VPN for your safety, then you can download any one VPN, after that Dual Space needs an application. Will have to.

So you download it, after this, you will have to download GameGuardian, then you install all these things on your phone, after that, you have to read this article carefully, after that you will understand everything.

1  Install GameGuardian 

Now, you have to download and install the GameGuardian Apk app. To download it, it is very easy to download by opening this link and installing it in your smartphone, then you should install it and do whatever is required to allow everything to be allowed.

 2  Open Dual Space Application

So first you have to open the Dual space application, after opening you will see an icon of +, you have to click on it, then you select GameGuardian and free fire and then click on the clone then after that again Your GameGuardian and Free Fire cloning will start, just you have to wait a little bit.

dual space select free fire

 3  Open GameGuardian 

After that, friends, as soon as your cloning is complete, after that you have to open the GameGuardian and after opening, whatever comes to allow, allow everything, i.e. click on ok.

 4  Minimize GameGuardian 

After that you will see the option of a Fix it below, you have to click on it, after that you will see a lot of options, you have to click on Prevent Upload No, then click on Level 3 after that, then you will see the start button below. And then minimize GameGuardian.

free fire step2

 5  Open Free Fire Game

Now open Free Fire from the jagah of Cloning, then as soon as you open it, then you tap on the GameGuardian icon there and then click on the menu and then click on ‘Free fire Script’.

 6  Find free fire.lua File

In the next step, you need to locate the folder where you saved the free fire.lua script and then tap ‘Tap Execute’.

open game guardian free fire

 7  Click GameGuardian Icon

Now the game will load once again and then you have to click on the GameGuardian icon. Now you have to select ‘New Bypass’ option (open after Free Fire logo)

select file free fire

 8  Choose Option

Now the script will be loaded into the game and now you can select each kind of . You can see in the image what you want to hack. For example, if you need to implement a wall, choose the wall menu and then choose the option as per your wish.

You are Done!

And now your work is done, that means your free fire is , then you can use GameGuardian to get Free Fire Mobile and you can get Free Fire like this.

Note: – The two friends mentioned above can also cause your Free Fire account to be banned, so, keeping these things in mind, use the method mentioned above. ralearn has not promoted anything related to free fire. So friends, everything is available in the Internet, you just have to know correctly, so my job is to reach you in your language and on the purpose of education.

Tips: – Friends, if you get the free fire, then you must use a VPN before that and never login your free id with your original id, otherwise your original id may also be closed, then all these things are special Take care

Free Fire Diamonds With Website reality

Brother, everyone can share anything in the world of internet, everyone has the freedom to do everything, so when you search in Google, how to get Free Fire Game, then you will have many websites and everyone The website claims that you can get Free Fire mobile games through this website.

But all the websites they have are really fake, they are all fake websites and the design of that website is so good that you will really feel that it can get the free fire, but everything gets thrown only by you, those people earn money. And you do not even know why you should never use this website because there is no website in the Internet that can  free fire.

Free Fire Diamonds

Friends, this is also a free method and it is also a working method. What happens in this is that the changes Free Fire, that is, he makes another version in which he makes everything free of charge to FIRE and then you can do everything It means that when you open this application, everything will be unlimited, I will give you a link to download, you can download from there.

Friends, in a little more details, let me tell you that the MODED version is a simple version, in which the  changes the entire java script coding, adds his coding and then makes it a new version and shares it in the internet. also keep it paid, that means you may have to pay to use the mod version of free fire, but it is free now.

Friends, all these things are done by , so it is also a little risk to use it because there are many  who set the coding that your mobile gets but do not have to take tention for it. with.

Features of Free Fire Battlegrounds 

There are many features in it, if you  the free fire, then let’s now know it in full details.

Wallhack: – Enemies are seen on your screen, that means when you are , if the enemies are hidden inside the house then you can see it and kill it easily and it does not work that much anywhere. Ho can see every enemy, so these are very good features

Aimbot: – There is nothing better than this option which allows you to kill the enemies around you by themselves, plus a single bullet in the head is automatically fired for each enemy.

Note: – If you put your original free fire id in it and login, then your id may get banned, then you should never login with your original pubg id from this moded version.

How to Get Free Fire 

So friends, I have told you in this article how you can get a free fire game, you have told all the details, and in this article I have told about 2 ways, you should not have any trouble in all the details. However, if there is any trouble then you can ask me in the comments section, I will definitely reply to it and you must share this article with your Free fire Lovers

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