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How To Highlight Text In Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

How to highlight text in PowerPoint
How to highlight text in PowerPoint

How to highlight text in PowerPoint: Of course, Microsoft PowerPoint is used by most places to present projects or ideas as a slide show. We use to add a timer, animation, graphics and many other things on our slides. These interesting elements make Microsoft PowerPoint a very popular tool among many other slide show programs.

In addition, using PowerPoint is simple, even a small child can learn to use it in a few days. But have you ever wondered how to make text stand out in PowerPoint? If your answer is “yes” and you have not found anything worth it yet. So don’t worry, because today I will show you how to highlight text in PowerPoint. You can also embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint.

How to highlight text in PowerPoint?

First, Microsoft provided a distinction in Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint doesn’t have it. The question is: if it’s not there, how can we highlight text in PowerPoint? You may be able to do this. I explained here two different ways of learning how to make text stand out in PowerPoint.

In addition, it does not limit the version of Microsoft Office. You can use it in all versions of Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2007, 2003 and so on. Not much, but you can also add audio to PowerPoint slides.

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Method 1: Use text animation:

If you want to know how to highlight text in PowerPoint, you can use the text animations available in the PowerPoint menu bar. This method will be complicated for you, so remember to carefully follow each step. There are many animations available that can help highlight text in PowerPoint. Even that, but you can also create your own animation. This will only highlight the text. Let’s start without wasting time.

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer/laptop.
  • Now open the PowerPoint file whose text you want to highlight.
  • Then select the text that you can highlight.
  • Then go to the Animation tab.
  • Now click the Add Animation button.
  • In this section, the section chooses one of your animations.
  • Once selected, select options on the screen to change the color, font, etc.

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Method 2: Using text animation:

Another way to learn how to highlight text in PowerPoint. Also, if you want to make the slide more professional and you want to make corrections to improve the highlighted text.

So this method is definitely for you. This method will teach you how to add a background color to the highlighted text and animate it along with the text. The first method was light, very complicated, but this one is ready for you if you learned first. Yes, we can start now.

  • Follow the above method before proceeding to the next step.
  • Now draw a rectangle on the text you want to correct.
  • Then choose Fill Color -> Color.
  • Then select Line-color -> No line color.
  • Repeat steps four to seven.
  • That’s all; You finished.

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We’ve seen two different ways to highlight text in PowerPoint. Let me tell you that if you want to highlight something on the chart that you used on the slide, you can, of course, do it. But these methods will not work. However, there is no other way to highlight text in PPT.

Also, add a watermark in PowerPoint to make it more authentic. I hope you learned to select text in PowerPoint using this article. Share this article with others so they can learn how to highlight text in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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