How to Record the iPhone Screen

In this guide, we will see how to Record the iPhone screen of our iPhone in a simple and fast way.

Do you want to show a friend a feature but he doesn’t know all the steps he has to take on his device? You can proceed with a registration of the iPhone screen to show you what you need to do. It is also very useful when you want to create a video tutorial or a video demonstration of a new App.

Further down in the article we will see how to activate advanced features such as making the tap visible on the screen and adding the voice acquired via microphone during recording.

Screen recording on iPhone (iOS 12)

With the latest versions of iOS (to be precise from the iOS 11 version onwards), Apple has integrated the functionality to record the iPhone screen directly in the ” Control Center “, or the shortcut menu.

First of all, we need to enable the button for screen recording in the control center. This operation must be done exclusively for the first time.

1. Enable logging in the Control Center on iOS

Open “Settings“> “Control Center“> “Customize Controls“. In the “Additional Controls” section, tap the + in green to enable the button in the Control Center.

how to enable screen recording

From now on, you can use the gesture to open the menu: scroll up from the bottom edge of the screen.

how to screen record with iphone

2. Start a new screen recording

Just tap on the icon shown in the figure above. The countdown of 3 seconds will be started, at the end of which, the icon will start to flash and everything that happens on the screen will start to be recorded.

The “status bar” of the iPhone will be red to indicate that a recording is in progress.

3. End screen recording

When we are ready to finish the movie, we can tap on the status bar in red and choose “Stop recording”.

The video with the screen recording will be saved in Photos  (Camera Roll) on the iPhone.

Record audio during iPhone screen recording

This is a little trick that will help us accompany our video tutorials or recordings with the voice. In truth you will be able to record just all the sounds emitted by the iPhone during its use: for example a gameplay video of a game, it will be accompanied by sounds and music.

To start recording the audio, open the Control Center with the gesture (obviously you should already have the screen recording button):

Use the 3D Touch (exerting slight pressure) or long-press the icon that starts recording; instead of starting the countdown immediately, another screen will appear that will allow you to enable the microphone.

how to get screen recording on iphone

ap the microphone symbol to enable audio recording during the video. At this point, you can start the countdown with “Start Recording”. Unfortunately, this trick cannot in any way be used to capture music in streaming from Apple Music or from Spotify (the playback will be interrupted as soon as the recording phase begins).

Show tap on-screen during a recording

By default, the on-screen taps are never shown while in different contexts it would be very useful to have them. To exactly show the tap on the iPhone screen, we discover another more advanced and even a bit cumbersome trick.

We will use the iOS accessibility options . Open “Settings“> “General“> “Accessibility“.

Scroll to find “AssistiveTouch” and enter the settings. Enable “Assistive Touch” and then scroll down and tap “Create new gesture

Tap anywhere and then tap at the top right to save, choosing something like “Custom Tap” as the name. Note that you can always delete custom gestures using the “Edit” button and then “Delete” or with a swipe to the left on the action name and then always choosing “Delete

All you have to do is enable the personalized tap from the menu:

You can customize the “AssistiveTouch” menu from the options. Now you can start recording the screen as seen above and at the same time have the taps that we make visible on the screen.

Note: unfortunately the operation to enable custom taps will have to be repeated for each new App started!

We hope you are all the successes:

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