How to recover deleted notes on iphone

How to recover notes in iPhone: After writing a myriad of notes on your iOS device, someone who uses your same iCloud account has seen fit to delete a part of it. Before losing your patience, you have decided to look for a solution on the net to see if you are able to recover the iPhone notes. Fortunately, you’ve come to my blog.

In the following guide, in fact, I explain to you how notes work and their relative storage on iOS and iCloud. Also, I’ll tell you where to look to find them and how to try recovering those that are password protected. But hurry up to proceed, as there is a time limit to do it. Let’s see what to do then.

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How to recover iPhone notes when deleted:

To restore iPhone notes on iOS or on a device connected to the same Apple account, you must first remember your iCloud account credentials. Alternatively, you must have a recent iTunes backup on hand.

If you have at least one of the two requirements, you have a good chance of success. I remind you, however, that if you no longer have access to an iCloud account, you could always retrieve the login key using the e-mail address attached to it. That said, let’s start.

How iPhone notes work

The operation of the iPhone notes, by itself, is really simple. Just open the Notes app to get a clean interface without too many options. By pressing the New Note button, you can start creating notes and use the various formatting options. You can change the font, for example, but also highlight the text and insert tables and reminders. You can even configure a password to access a note, so you can create encrypted notes.

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The notes are then stored in iCloud and are usually available on all devices connected to the same Apple account. From these, in fact, it is possible to modify the notes and display them in real-time on all the other devices.

Probably, now you want to retrieve iPhone notes because they have been deletedmodified or protected by a password you don’t know. Let’s see what is the best solution in these situations.

Deleted notes:

how to recover notes in iphone
deleted a note from the iPhone

If you accidentally deleted a note from the iPhone, don’t worry, because you can recover it without problems. Although it appears invisible and therefore disappears, opening the Notes app will make you see the Notes screen, with the list of all the ones you filled in overtime.

However, pressing the symbol <will return you to the Folder view. Under the iCloud heading, you should see the Deleted folder. Here, in there, you should find the recently deleted notes.

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To avoid accidental losses, such as photos, Apple provides you with a virtual Recycle Bin, in which you can review the deleted notes for 30 days. After this time limit, or at most 40 days, you will not be able to restore them from there. Instead, you will need to use alternative methods.

To retrieve the note of the iPhone, in the Eliminate folder, rub your finger on it from right to left and press the Move button, or the button with the purple folder icon. Then, touch the Notes folder or another that you created previously. The selected note will then be transferred to the folder you have chosen and will no longer be automatically removed.

Edited notes:

If you have edited a note and touched Done, you will have saved it and now you will think that it is no longer possible to find the previously written text. And instead, although there seems to be no way to cancel the changes and go back, it is possible to return the edited note to the previous state.

To do this, reopen the Notes and access the modified note as if you wanted to write something. Then shake your iPhone, just barely. You will feel a vibration and you will see the message Cancel typing. To restore the text, simply select the Cancel option.

If too much time had passed and I could not recover what you wrote, you should necessarily use a backup file.

Password protected notes:

how to recover notes on iphone
set a password for iPhone notes

If you have set a password for iPhone notes and now you no longer know how to access it because you’ve forgotten it, you could use Touch ID or Face ID. In the configuration phase, in fact, these options remain active by default and, unless you have disabled them, you should be able to use these authentication methods.

Use the biometric sensor to enter notes. Open the Notes app and wait for it to recognize your face. Alternatively, open the Notes app and place your finger on the screen or the Home button.

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If you can’t get in, to see the blocked notes on the iPhone, you might just come back to a moment before the block. If you remember having an old backup availablefirst save all the data on the iPhone, then restore it, recover the blocked note and, immediately afterward, restore the most recent backup. Be careful in performing this procedure, as you may lose all the data of the iPhone by mistake.

Broken iPhone:

how to get iphone notes back

If the iPhone is broken, you will still have no problem viewing and retrieving iPhone notes and related attachments. This, provided that you have previously activated iCloud backup and automatic saving of notes (usually both active by default).

If you had saved your data, you could access this iCloud site address and log in with your Apple ID. Once in there, you’ll see iCloud Note, which is all text memos that are saved and shared on your iCloud account. There should be all those you have saved up to the last day of operation of the iPhone, including attachments (photos, images and more).

In case you couldn’t find them, you could try to restore a backup from iTunes or iCloud (the most recent will be chosen automatically by iOS). 

If you do not have access to the iCloud account because there is two-factor authentication, use a browser and a computer or device already authenticated previously. Alternatively, contact Apple.

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Without backup:

If you do n’t even have a backup of iPhone, as I said, the only way to view them is to access iCloud Note. If even from there I could see them, which is unlikely as they are usually stored there automatically, it’s a big problem.

You could still try to retrieve iPhone notes on e-mail, for example on Gmail, or even on WhatsAppFacebook MessengerTelegram and other messaging chats.

Remember where you shared that text file and its attachments. Then, look in that application to find the note. Once you have found it, you will immediately have to save it to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.


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