Indian Navy Day 2019: Know Why and How Indian Navy Day is Celebrated

navy day 2019

Indian Navy Day 2019: When and how Indian Navy Day is celebrated, know the history and some special things about the Indian Navy

Indian Navy Day 4 December 2019 Date: The Indian Armed Forces has been divided into three major parts, which include the Army, Air Force, and Navy i.e. the Navy. From which the Navy protects us in water, the Army and the Air Force on the earth are ready to protect us, and Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4 December to show the achievements and glory of the country’s naval force. is.

But very few people know about the event and history behind celebrating it, do you know why Navy Day is celebrated on December 04, why and how it is celebrated. What is this day related to Operation Trident, what is Operation Trident and how is this day related to the 1971 war between India and Pakistan etc So let us know all this in this article.

When and Why the Indian Navy is Celebrated

Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4 December to celebrate the victory of Operation Trident, this year also Indian Navy Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 04 December 2019. Let us tell you why Indian Navy Day (Indian Navy Day) is celebrated on 4 December.

Why celebrate: The main reason for celebrating this day is the victory of the Indian Navy in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, in which the Indian Navy beat the Pakistani soldiers to dust. Operation Trident was launched against Pakistan by the Indian Navy on 4 December 1971.

And as India celebrates the victory of the Indian Navy in Operation Trident in 1971, Navy Day is celebrated, the success against India in Operation Trident is celebrated as Navy Day.

Now let us tell you what Operation Trident is, what is Operation Trident.

Operation Trident was planned under the leadership of Navy Chief Admiral SM Nanda and Bhan Yadav was given the responsibility of the entire task, which was the 25th Squadron Commander.

The matter dates back to 1971 when the Pakistani army was attacked on 3 December in the Indian border area and airspace and as a retaliatory response to this attack, the Indian Army retaliated against the Pakistani Navy headquarters Karachi under Operation Trident. India was planning to attack at night in Karachi because Pakistan did not have any night-time bombing planes, so it was attacked at 2:00 pm.

Hindustan included 10 electrical class missile boats, two anti submarines and a tanker for its retaliation, as well as the first ship-hit anti-ship missile attacked by India in this 1971 war.

Submarine missiles – INS Nirghat, INS Vir and INS Nipat played an important role in this attack.

Six missiles were fired by India in this attack and four Pakistani ships were also sunk by the Indian Army.

Karachi oil depot continued for 7 days
In retaliation by the Indian Navy, Karachi herbal fuel storage was completely destroyed and the fire in the oil tankers of Karachi was so terrible that its flames could be seen even from a distance of 60 kilometers and the fire was so severe that it was 7 Could not be extinguished even for days and seven nights.

In this operation lasting 90 minutes, no Indian soldiers were martyred, while many Pakistani navy people were killed and more than 700 were injured.

How Indian Navy Day Celebrated

Navy Day (Indian Navy Day) is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur in India, the program of Navy Day (Indian Navy Day) lasts for many days. Starts with the offering, submarines ships and aircraft are performed by the navy after the honor of the soldiers martyred in the war In which he demonstrates the capabilities, resourcefulness, and intensity of his equipment.

The programs are organized exclusively at the headquarters of the Western and Southern Navy Command.

This day is celebrated most entertainingly by the Indian Water Force, competitions such as Navy Face, Navy Queen, and Navy Bol are organized on this day.

Indian navy day information

1. Before independence, the Indian Navy was called the Royal Indian Navy, but after India became independent, it was renamed the Indian Navy from 26 January 1950.

2. The current Navy President of India is Admiral Karambir Singh before that Admiral Sunil Lamba was the Indian Navy President.

3. Indian Navy was established on 5 September 1612, 407 years ago.

4. Indian Navy is one of the top 10 navy forces in the world.

5. Indian navy forces played a significant role in World War II.

6. Headquarters of Indian Navy is located in Delhi:

7. Three Commands of Indian Navy and their headquarters:

  • Western Navy Command (Headquarters in Mumbai)
  • Eastern Navy Command (Headquarters in Visakhapatnam)
  • Southern Navy Command (Headquarters in Kochi)

8. Marine Commando Force (Marcos) is a special force unit of the Indian Army which came into existence in 1987, its main objective is to combat terrorism.

Final Words

Friends, you must have now understood why and how Indian Navy Day is celebrated, what is trident operation? How is India related to Pakistan’s war? Its Means When Why and How Indian Navy Day Celebrated in Hindi, (What is Operation Trident – Relation with India Pakistan War).

If you liked this information about the Indian Navy, then do share it with your friends and relatives and wish you all a very happy Navy Day on our behalf Jai Hind Jai India