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How to Download Photos Instagram in a Very Easy Way

How To download Instagram Photos
How To download Instagram Photos

If we talk about trends in social networks on the Internet, Instagram is one of the most used currently.

If you belong to the group of billions of users of the most pronounced and innovative social network like Instagram. You will know that they continually make changes to benefit users.

It should be noted that what this social network provides as Instagram makes us today have benefits. and important features.

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How to Download All Instagram Photos?

instagram all photos download
instagram all photos download

It has called the curiosity that most users after making a post. They feel the need to download all their photos in a file. And in this way have it out of the Instagram account safely.

In this way, they can then enjoy the publications. No need to access the Instagram account or the internet. It should be emphasized that this function does not depend on how to verify the Instagram account or not.

In the same way, the Browser can help you to make the option to download the photographs to your Computer.

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How to do it?

Next, we will show you the Instructions that must be taken into account to download the Instagram photos:

  1. The first thing to do is open the browser and search the Instagram social network.
  2. Then type the username and password.
  3. After opening the Instagram, either the personal profile or someone else’s profile, you must press the right click . At the moment of pressing, a window will appear where one of the options that appears is ” save as “.
  4. Later a link will appear where it will show in which folder you can save the photos.
  5. You can even choose which folder to save them, edit the file name and the type of document to save.
  6. Then press save and this will automatically be downloaded. It must be emphasized that this will take a few seconds. However, it will keep all the photographs that are on the Instagram platform.
  7. After the download is complete, a small tab with the saved file will appear at the bottom .
  8. Press right again on the options that appear ” show in folder “.
  9. Automatically appears the file folder where all the photos and even videos that you had posted in the profile were downloaded.

Thanks to the constant update of this striking social network. One of the most sympathetic news is to provide the opportunity to upload photos. Untrimmed or post with filters that contains Instagram

Finally, it is important to note that Instagram is a platform that offers multiple benefits. Including Instagram as a company. So we recommend you continue to learn about it. so you can get the most out of this social network.A