install Google Play Store on my Sony Smart TV

Televisions have changed drastically, so now you can even download apps on a Smart TV to improve your user experience. In this guide How to Install Google Play Store and Download Apps on your Sony Smart TV

In this way, these devices join the growing wave of smart devices, which have been developing and improving for years.

That is why many of these devices have already incorporated the Android system to perform their functions as Smart TVs.

This means that, in addition, they have the ability to have nothing more and nothing less than the Google Play Store installed to download applications. By installing the Play Store on your Smart TV you can also download and enjoy games.

If you have purchased one of these and do not have it from the factory, this tutorial shows how to get it and additionally, how to install new Apps.

Smart TVs have multiple functions that make their owners’ lives more comfortable, such as being able to install a browser like Google Chrome.

Before proceeding to download any application or game and enjoy your Smart TV, we recommend that you first make sure that your TV is well connected to the Wi-Fi or cable network.

What are the requirements to have the Play Store on my Sony Smart TV?

It is essential, to be able to install Apps on a Smart TV, to have the Google store, and for this, you must have the Android system.

This means that if the television does not use this OS, it will not be possible to install the Play Store on the device in any way.

However, there is a way to acquire it for the smart device, and that is by buying an Android TV Box in the market.

This small console allows the system to be integrated adjacent to the television, that is, it will be used as a device linked to the equipment. This means that the TV will not have a new built-in OS, but its screen will be used to project what is done in the BOX.

This is connected through an HDMI cable to obtain a better resolution of what is being done and a higher visual quality. The good thing about these boxes is that they usually have access to almost the entire catalog of Android applications without limitations.

Allowing users who purchase one (usually cheap) to enjoy all the content available in the Google store. No matter what brand of Smart TV you have, all these TVs offer you the benefit of being able to connect your mobile phone to your TV, and thus be able to play games on your phone on the TV or view photos from your gallery more comfortably.

How to download and install Google Play Store on a Sony Smart TV

The Play Store is installed by default on our Sony TVs. This makes it unnecessary to have to download it by another method, in case it does not appear in the menu you will only have to follow certain steps that we will mention below to enable it.

Enable Play Store on Sony Smart TV- Simple Guide

If you have recently purchased a Sony Smart TV, it means that it is one of the newer models and must have the store installed by default.

This is because, as of 2017, all televisions of this brand incorporated the Android system for its functionality.

So they must have the Google store installed by default yes or yes. But probably, it is not enabled, so it will not be displayed in the apps category.

So, to activate it and be able to download Apps on a Smart TV, you have to go to the “ Settings ” option located at the bottom of the menu.

This will display a sidebar on the right side that will have a series of settings alternatives, among which the one that says “ Applications ” will be located.

Thus, it will take us to a list of programs in which there will be a category called “ System applications ” which are the ones that come from the factory.

Among these will be the “ Google Play Store ” that we must press to enter the additional information. Inside, the “ Enable ” button is selected.

In this way, when returning to the main menu of the TV, it will be possible to see and use the store application, in which, when accessing it, all the applications available for the device will be displayed.

How to install Google Play Store app on Sony Smart TV

Acquiring the Apps is a fairly simple matter, you just have to look for the one you want to install on the device by exploring the categories of the store. Thus, the one you want to download is selected and it will show us the additional information of the application, and the “ Install ” button is selected.

This will download the program and install it automatically on the Smart TV, thus being able to enjoy it.

Can you install applications on Sony Smart TV that are not from the Play Store?

Taking advantage of the fact that our Smart TV has an Android operating system, we can install apps through APKs. This is very similar to how we would do it from a cell phone, however, the best way to do this is through a computer and a USB.

What we will have to do first is open our preferred browser and then search for the name of the app, followed by the letters APK. This will result in several pages, but it is best to choose the one from Uptodown, which is more reliable. Once we click we will enter the page and we will see a large button that says download. After we click on it, the download will start and the file will start to download.

Once finished we can search for it in downloads and copy it to our USB memory. It is necessary that this has a FAT32 format, if this is not the case you can right-click on the memory name and then format.
With this, a menu will open in which we will choose FAT32 to finish by accepting. Then we copy the app file and remove the Pendrive safely. Then we connect it to the TV.

Using the TV’s file explorer, we will enter the root of the USB and then enter the APK file. Then we will be shown an installation menu equal to that of Android on the cell phone and we will only need to accept the terms and wait for the installation to complete.

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