iPhone Personal Hotspot does not work? Here Fix the Problems

iPhone Personal Hotspot does not work for you? If you are trying to use the personal access point or connect to the personal access point of the iPhone from another Mac, PC or device and find that the Wi-Fi sharing function does not work, it can be understandably frustrating as many users trust this Function for Internet service on the fly, as a connection backup and, sometimes, even in general as a primary Internet gateway.

Fortunately, some simple tips can usually solve the Personal Hotspot if it doesn’t work on the iPhone, and we’ll cover the troubleshooting steps here.

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1: Make sure the personal access point is turned on

This seems obvious, but sometimes Personal Hotspot is not activated and, therefore, is not visible for another device to use.

Go to Settings> Personal access point> and make sure the function is really activated

You can also go to Settings> Cellular> Personal access point and make sure the function is activated there.

2: Make sure mobile data is enabled

While in this section of the configuration, you can also confirm that general cellular data is activated with the iPhone.

Go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular data

Sometimes, users may accidentally disable this through Settings or Control Center, and without mobile data, there will be no personal access point available.

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3: Restart iPhone

Often, restarting the iPhone will allow Personal Hotspot to work again. You can issue a forced reset or a soft reset by turning the iPhone off and on again.

Force iPhone restart differs depending on the iPhone device model:

  • For iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus: press Volume up, press Volume down, press and hold the POWER button until that Apple  the logo appears on the screen
  • For iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and earlier versions: Press and hold the START button and the POWER button until the Apple logo  appears on the screen

After restarting the iPhone, return to Settings> Personal access point and make sure that the Wi-Fi personal access point function is enabled. Then try to connect again from the other device.

Recently I encountered a problem in which the personal Hotspot Wi-Fi did not work on iPhone 11 Pro Max and MacBook Air, and I simply forced the restart of the iPhone 11 Pro Max allowed the personal Hotspot to work and the MacBook connected to the Wi-Fi. of hotspot immediately after. This is a simple troubleshooting step that often works to solve unexplained problems.

4: Reset network settings on iPhone

Resetting the network settings on the iPhone often solves random problems with network problems on the iPhone, even with the personal hotspot and wi-fi.

Note that when you reset your network settings, you will lose any custom network settings on the iPhone, including custom DNS settings, VPN settings,  manual DHCP or static IP information, Wi-Fi passwords and other network data.

Go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings

When the iPhone restarts, return to Settings> Personal access point> activate the function and connect again from other computers or devices as usual.

This trick will usually also work if the feature was available in Settings but suddenly disappeared after a software crash, restart or update.

5: Make sure the devices are within range

Other computers, phones, iPods, Macs, PCs and devices that attempt to connect to an iPhone personal access point must be within a reasonable range of the iPhone with the personal access point in the operation, preferably without obstructions between them.

Try to have the devices as close as possible, a few feet often provides the best results.

This is also important if you find that the iPhone’s personal Wi-Fi hotspot is cutting off connections since interference is often the main cause. Sometimes, setting up a custom DNS can also help disconnect connections.

with the personal access point in the operation, preferably without obstructions between them.



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