iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode – Here’s How to Fixed

iPhone stuck in headphone mode: You are absolutely sure that the headphones are not connected to your iPhone, because, well, they are not. See “Headphones” above the volume slider when you press the volume buttons, but your iPhone does not play any sound. You tried it with a hard reset, plugging in the headphones, and taking them off again, but it doesn’t work. 

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In this article, I’ll explain why you find yourself with the iPhone Stuck in headphone mode, with an interesting trick to remove the dirt from the headphone jack, and how to fix it properly.

We are talking about all iPhone models but Sometimes an iPhone 6 or 6s stuck in headphone mode. This lock that affects models with 3.5mm minijack connector can be caused by different reasons and, fortunately, most have an easy solution as you can see throughout this guide.

When an iPhone is locked in the headset mode the device stops making sounds through the speakers, in addition to increasing or decreasing the volume, the icon that appears on the screen indicates that the headphones are connected. The reason is that the smartphone believes that headphones are connected and deactivates the other audio outputs.

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch does not want to exit headset mode? Keep reading and discover how to get it out.

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Most Common Reasons for Stuck in Headphone Mode:

iphone 6 stuck in headphone mode

We Eliminate the Possibility of a Software Problem:

The easiest way to make sure it is not a software problem, which is not causing your iPhone to get stuck in the headset mode is to turn it off and on again. To turn off your iPhone, hold down the power button (also known as the Standby / Wake button) and slide your finger over “swipe to turn off”. The procedure can take 20 seconds or so, and this is completely normal. Then, hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If your iPhone is still locked in headset mode after rebooting, there is a hardware problem. At this point, the problem is caused by one of two possibilities:

There can be other reasons that make the iPhone believe that there are headphones connected although it really is not. Some of the most common are:

  • A false positive due to some specific software error.
  • The dirt inside the headphone jack.
  • Physical damage to the headphone jack.
  • Wet headphone jack.

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Common solutions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Headphone Mode Lock:

iphone 6s stuck in headphone mode

Whatever the reason for this failure, in the following lines you can find some possible solutions with which to try to remove the iPhone from the block without having to go to a technical service.

Step-1. Clean the Headphone Jack:

Although apparently completely clean, the minijack connector of the iPhone can accumulate a lot of dirt from the pocket, backpacks, bags, etc..

That is why cleaning it is a good first step in solving the problem at hand. To do the cleaning you can insert a needle or a toothpick and move it gently inside the connector to remove dirt while holding the connector inlet down so that gravity helps remove possible dirt.

It is important that you do it very smoothly to avoid possible damage and that if at any time you notice resistance, avoid doing force.

Step-2. Quickly Connect and Disconnect Headphones:

One of the most common reasons that the iPhone stays in headphones or headphones mode is a false positive in the sensor that detects that they are connected.

In this case, quickly connecting and disconnecting a headset can “revive” the sensor and avoid this problem when it is a point fault and no permanent damage to the sensor.

Step-3.Connect other Headphones:

On some occasions, manufacturers do not fully respect the measures of minijack connectors, especially in low-quality units, so testing with other headphones can solve the problem.

A minimal difference in the dimensions of the headphone jack can cause the sensor that detects whether they are connected or not to fail and leave the iPhone in the mentioned model.

Step-4.Restart the iPhone:

Restarting the iPhone causes all open software processes to close and have to be started again, so if the failure is caused by a specific software error this can fix it.

Go to Settings – General, scroll to the bottom of everything and tap Turn off. Then slide your finger on the Swipe control to turn off and when it is completely off, turn the iPhone back on by pressing and holding the on/off button for a few seconds.

Step-5.Update iOS and all Apps:

Sometimes Apple may screw up with the operating system and cause problems of this type. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you access Settings – General – Software update and if there is an update available, install it.

In addition, it does not hurt that you access the Updates tab of the App Store and update all the apps to rule out problems caused by them.

Step-6.Restore to factory state:

If all of the above has failed, there may be a permanent software failure that is causing the problem.

It is very important that before starting the restoration you make sure to make a complete backup of the equipment, so once the restoration is finished you will be able to recover all your data and continue using the equipment normally. 

Step-7.Go to a Technical Service:

At this point, if the problem persists, the equipment will most likely have some kind of physical damage. In this case, the most sensible thing is to go to an authorized Apple technical service to check the headphone jack and the rest of the device for the problem.

It is likely that it is necessary to replace some part of the iPhone or even the motherboard of it to be able to recover the normal use of the device.

Final Words

Now, do what all you have to do to solve the problem ”iPhone stuck in headphone mode”. you can try all these tricks to get rid of this problem. with the help of these methods, your iPhone will no longer get stuck on headphone mode.

If you had any question guys about this article then feel free to make some question and ask, I am always happy to give you solutions about tech which I already know. Let’s Meet up in next features-tik article.


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