Lana Del Rey offers ‘clarity’ on controversial Instagram post

Lana Del Rey offers ‘clarity’ on controversial Instagram post

Lana Del Rey has spoken out for the ultimate time after attracting criticism for her controversial post on Instagram earlier this week.

In the unique post, Del Rey hit again at critics who say she glamorizes abuse, and he or she identify checked artists, together with Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and extra, who “have had number ones with songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f—ing, cheating etc” — whereas complaining she had been “crucified” for penning lyrics that handled abusive relationships.

Speaking in a brand new post, additionally shared on Instagram, the Video Games star insisted her feedback had been “not controversial at all,” and affirmed her movie star references had been purported to be “complimentary.”

“I want to say that I remain firm in my clarity and stance in that what I was writing about was the importance of self advocacy for the more delicate and often dismissed, softer female personality, and that there does have to be room for that type in what will inevitably became a new wave/3rd wave of feminism that is rapidly approaching,” she defined.

“I’m sorry that the folks who I can only assume are super (U.S. President Donald) Trump/(U.S. Vice-President Mike) Pence supporters or hyper liberals or flip-flopping headline grabbing critics can’t read and want to make it a race war, when in fact the issue was with *female critics and *female alternative artists who are dissociated from their own fragility and sexuality and berate more sexually liberated artists like myself and the women I mentioned.”

She continued: “But in fact making it about race says a lot extra about you than it does about me – you need the drama, you don’t wish to consider {that a} lady might be stunning, robust and fragile on the identical time, loving and all inclusive by making private reparations merely for the enjoyment of doing it. Nothing new right here in your response.

Del Rey concluded: “My intention and my message are clear. That I’ve management of my very own story. If the ladies I point out don’t wanna be related to me that’s completely fantastic by me.”

The Summertime Sadness star additionally revealed the title of her second guide, behind the iron gates — insights from an establishment, including that the tome will probably be launched March, 2021.

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