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Love Aaj Kal 2 Movie Review 2020

Love Aaj Kal Movie Review: Imtiaz Ali’s film Love Aaj has been released in theaters yesterday. What is special in Karthik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan’s film and should it be seen? Learn in our review

Film: Love Aaj Kal
Artist: Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda, Arushi Sharma, Simone Singh
Director: Imtiaz Ali

Love is not easy Nobody understands this and when it comes, it is not necessary that the world becomes colorful. The world remains as it is, the human mind is colored. And when the sweetie comes down, you have a big and long life in front of you, which you have to live, everyday… until you give up and leave the world.

In this big and long life, love is a very small but important thing. You cannot understand this feeling until you are in love with yourself. And it is more difficult to explain it to others. Imtiaz Ali is the director who has not only brought alive many great love stories on the big screen but has also introduced the public to different forms and definitions of love.

But what happened to Imtiaz now that he made the film Love Aaj Kal, I do not know. Imtiaz’s phase is difficult for the audience to like.

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Love Aaj Kal Story:

Love Aaj Kal is the story of Veer (Karthik Aryan) and Joi (Sara Ali Khan) who meet in the club and then start dating each other. This is the modern story of the film, which has many complexities. Joi wants to make her career, she does not have time for relationships and believes in living a moment in a heroic life.

There is also an old love story going on with Raghuvendra (Karthik Aryan) and Leena (Aarushi Sharma). This is exactly like those stories, by listening to which we have learned to love. But it too has its own problems.

Joey is not able to balance his career and relationships and he still has a lot to see in his life. At the same time, a friend of hers (Randeep Hooda) is telling her love story, which is weakening their relationship. Yes, this complex is the story of this film. Now what will happen to the story of Joi and Veer and what will happen to that old story is the thing to be seen in the film.

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Love Aaj Kal Direction:

Imtiaz Ali must have come up with a tremendous idea of ​​making this wall love today, but he could not do anything with this film. If films started to be made by extracting an overly complicated story, a moving story in a backdrop and new versions of old songs, then how would the public get to see Imtiaz Ali Style’s cinema?

If you see Love Aaj Kal in the year 2009, you will feel a lot here, you just think full time what is going on. The film catches its speed and then becomes so slow that it becomes difficult to cope with it. Imtiaz Ali is the director who gave us Rockstar’s Ranbir Kapoor, which is different in itself. No one understood but each time a different, new person seems to be. But there is nothing like love today.

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The cinematography of this film is good. The music of the film is also good. Yes, I am wrong and maybe you will like the songs. The background score is also fine. In this, you will get to hear the new version of the 2009 Love Aaj Kal song Durian, which is not so bad. But still, you will definitely want to come out of the theater and listen to the songs of the old film. At least that’s what I did.

It is Valentine’s Week and there are better romantic movies going on in the theater. So if you do not see love today, then it will work.

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In this film, one of the most popular couple of Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan and Karthik Aryan has been taken. People will expect a lot from these two, but both of them have not done anything special in this film. If this story is about Joi, first let’s talk about it. Sara Ali Khan, you will find Sara less and Kareena Kapoor Khan more in the character of Joey, a bubbly, quick-witted, career-making number one love.

Joi is upset about everything. He has anger, insecurity, and passion, but still, there is something in him that you will not like, and that is Sara Ali Khan’s acting. Sara is trying to kill herself in this character but it is not happening. That’s why she is just harassing you while standing on the screen.

Here you will see two forms of Karthik Aryan. On one side he is Raghuvendra of the 90s and on the other, the Veer of 2020. I liked the valor of 2020 because people are rarely seen in today’s time. Starting from the 90s Raghuvendra Idol Lover and reaches somewhere else, which is not good at all.

Now let’s talk about acting In both the characters, Karthik Aryan has acted in such a way that he is mentally shaken. But as the film progresses, their work gets a little better. The sequence of Karthik Aryan shown in Himachal is good. His acting was slightly better than Sara Ali Khan.

The child called her sister-in-law, all of them were angry but Karthik was seen smiling, watch the video

Aarushi Sharma has made her Bollywood debut with this film. His work is good. Although he also did not do much. Aarushi has done the right thing according to the demand of her character. There is another character in the film Love Aaj Kal, which was not shown in the trailer and that is Randeep Hooda. Randeep is the grown-up version of Raghuvendra of the 90s, who is telling his love story to Joi.

Apart from this, Simone Singh plays Joi’s mother in the film, who has done a good job.

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