Lulubox Free Fire – How to Get Free Fire Diamonds

Lulubox is already very well known among gamers, especially for those who don’t want to go to great lengths to play Free Fire and want to quickly get free FF skins that can make your game cooler without having to spend money to top up Free Fire diamonds. Interested in using it too? This time Kabar Games will provide you with a complete tutorial on how to download and use the Lulubox Free Fire (FF) MOD APK in 2020.

Basically Lulubox can’t be used in Indonesia, but don’t worry. With a complete tutorial from Kabar Games, you can really use this Free Fire cheat even though you are still completely ordinary. This MOD APK application can not only be used for Free Fire (FF) games, you can also use it for PUBG or 

Lulubox Mobile Legends as well.

Lulubox MOD APK Free Fire Features:

Above has been given a glimpse of the usefulness of the Lulubox APK, you can get a free skin or diamond Free Fire that can add to your coolness in this battle royale game. But besides that by using Lulubox you can open all game modes in FF games for free without needing to master hacking skills. Very okay right!

The main features of the MOD APK Lulubox software are:

  • Manage all your games
  • Has many plug-ins that you can use in the game.
  • Interaction design is very easy to use
  • Increased game and rank

Some successful games using Lulubox besides Free Fire (FF) to cheat include:

  • Subway Surfers
  • PUBG
  • Mobile Legends

By using Lulubox, you can share plug-ins with other players (this applies if you have special skills in making this plug-in). In addition, you can also get security in playing because to this day the use of Lulubox is still difficult to detect by Garena. But just in case don’t use it on your main account.

Link Download MOD APK Lulubox FF

Download LuluBox APK 2020



Name Specification
Latest Version  v4.3.10
Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
Developer Lulubox
Category Application
SIze file 6.7 MB
Official Website



How to use Lulubox Free Fire on Android

Lulubox which will be used to hack this Free Fire game actually can’t be used in India, but don’t worry because you can use Hola VPN to be able to use this android game hack apps.

here’s how to complete download the MOD APK and use the Lulubox application in the Free Fire (FF) game:

Step 1: Download the MOD APK Lulubox application from the link provided above

Step 2: Install the Hola VPN application from Playstore

Step 3: Open the VPN application and run the application with the recommended overseas IP target.

Step 4: Click the lulubox icon in the Hola VPN application

Step 5: After that in the game icon just look for the Free Fire application

Step 6: Exit Lulubox, then log back into Hola VPN.

Step 7: Click on Free Fire

Step 8: Now you have entered the Free Fire lobby. You can go directly to the shop and select the skin you want without clicking Buy

Step 9: Return to the main lobby

Step 10: Click Mode

Step 11: Then back to the main lobby again

Step 12: Now you are ready to fight the skin you have chosen earlier in classic or rank mode.

Easy right?

But if you still have not managed to do it, you have to repeat it again from the beginning how to download Free Fire MOD APK her and be sure to follow the steps above correctly in order to use the application Lulubox FF perfectly to get a free skin and diamonds, happy cheating yes guys! Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about gaming, gadgets, and anime only in the News Feed!

Note:  To use this cheat game application you should use a guest account or another account that is not the main account. All risks arising from the use of this application are fully borne by the user. If you have agreed, you can continue to download and use the Lulubox Free Fire (FF) MOD APK on Android.

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